The Shackles

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Treacherous Pirate Isles
Alignment: CN
Capital: Port Peril (43,270)
Notable Settlements: Drenchport (9,690), Hell Harbor (9,230), Neruma (5,230), Ollo (7,340), Quent (12,560), Slipcove (1,400)
Ruler: Captain Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King
Government: A council of pirate lords known as the Free Captains
Major Races: Humans, gnomes, half-orcs, halflings
Major Religions: Besmara, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Gozreh, Norgorber, Pharasma
Languages: Common, Polyglot


The pirate lords of the Shackles sail from an assortment of outlaw ports, hiding their illicit activities behind the cover of the ravenous Eye of Abendego. Forgotten ruins of an ancient civilization dot the island chain, their crumbling stone walls carved with horrible depictions of cannibalism and blood sacrifice. So disturbing are these images that 600 years ago Chelish explorers marked the region cursed and haunted on their maps and continued south to found the colony of Sargava.

Over the past 30 years, the corsairs of the Shackles have enjoyed unprecedented success. All of the Free Captains are skilled at skirting the dangerous fringes of the Eye of Abendego, giving them an easy way to evade less experienced pilots. The Shackles today consist of a motley collection of bandit and slave ports, where freebooters find safe harbor and trade their ill-gotten plunder with unscrupulous merchants. A powerful Free Captain rules each port, divvying the loot from recent raids and dispensing pirate justice as needed.

The Shackles have only one true ally — the former Chelish colony of Sargava. In exchange for defending the colony from Cheliax, the Free Captains now receive regular tribute of lumber and slaves from Sargava. Elsewhere, the marauders of the Shackles are feared and hated, particularly by Cheliax and Rahadoum, who bear the brunt of the Free Captains’ depredations.

Bag Island
Devil’s Arches
The Mainland
Motaku Isle
Shark Island
Tempest Cay

Besmara’s Throne
Bonewrack Isle
The Cannibal Isles
Dahak’s Fang
Dahak’s Horn
Dahak’s Tooth
Firegrass Isle
Glengarnie Chain
Hesmene’s Grotto
The Island of Empty Eyes
Kepre Dua
Mgange Cove
Nalt’s Island
Pangalley Atoll
Rampore Isles
Raptor Island
Raugsmauda’s Reach
Rickety’s Squibs
Shenchu Bay
The Smoker
Taldas Isle
Tidewater Rock and Windward Isle
Ushinawa Isles
Whyrlis Rock
Widowmaker Isle
Yoha’s Graveyard

The Shackles

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