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Population: 12,560
Ruler: Tessa Fairwind

The second-busiest harbor in the archipelago after Port Peril, raucous Quent lies on Motaku Isle, on the picturesque bay that bears the same name. Sheltered from surf and storm by large barrier islands, Quent is called the finest deepwater port in the Shackles by many sailors that either live or visit there. Charismatic Tessa Fairwind is lord of the port and a major voice on the Pirate Council — only the Hurricane King himself can boast of more pirate captains who answer his call. Lady Tessa frequents Quent’s many dockside taverns when she is in port, such as the Lusty Mermaid, Fat Jessup’s, the Barnacle, Three Sailors Smiling, the Drunken Boatswain, and Lilibeth’s Tavern and Hostel. There she rubs shoulders with fellow pirates while her famous sloop-of-war Luck of the Draw is refitted or business keeps her ashore. She has an amazing way with sailors, charming some while simultaneously coercing others. All are flattered by her attention, and watching the pirate lord work a roomful of hardened sea dogs and turn them into infatuated lapdogs is a sight to behold.

The vast number of boarding houses and inns in Quent accommodate sailors whose ships dock here. Lilibeth’s and Three Sailors are the largest, followed by Mama Leroux’s and Haekle’s Dry Berth, and lavish manor homes in the bayside hills known as Spendthrift Ridge house well-heeled buccaneers who prefer to luxuriate in privacy. Running right off the docks past the rows of warehouses is Blue Sky Road, the main thoroughfare through town, lined with every manner of mercantile establishment one could ask for. Unlike many outlaw ports, Quent has developed into a real city with a population of industrious landlubbers who make a fine living supporting the free-spending freebooters. The sacred prostitutes of Calistria’s House of Stolen Kisses at the center of town are considered the best sources of information on the island, and can inform wayward travelers of many rumors and secrets, for a price.


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