Pirate Council

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The Pirate Council consists of the most powerful Free Captains of the Shackles. Each controls one of the major ports of the region. They are led by the Hurricane King, who rules the Shackles with the support of the members.

The current Hurricane King is Kerdak Bonefist. It is rumored that his successor will be Tessa Fairwind, but some speculate that the succession might be sooner rather than later.

The winner of the annual Free Captain’s Regatta is awarded a seat on the Council, but for the last five years this has been the Master of the Gales, so the composition of the council has not changed.

The Pirate Council currently includes:

  • Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King, master of Port Peril, captain of the Filthy Lucre
  • Alahandra Boisich, ruler of Chalk Harbor, captain of the Cloudbuster’s Dream
  • Admiral Arronax Endymion, disgraced former admiral of the Cheliax navy and master of Devil’s Arches, captain of the Tyrannous
  • Avimar Sorrinash, lord of Ollo, captain of the Blood Moon
  • Bedu Hanji, rakshasa magus, lord of the Rampore Isles, captain of the Semudarogah
  • Bradesmar Wache of Mediogalti, ruler of Maidenspool
  • Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, Taldan lieutenant to Tessa Fairwind, captain of the Come What May
  • Chan Ai-Huao, Jieh Hui, and Lo Shei Wen, the Wise Council of Three of Shenchu Bay, captains of Minkai’s Grace, Black Night, and Serpent’s Tongue
  • Delemona Burie and Little Shaggard, rulers of Lilywhite, captains of the Winsom Lass and Mollusk
  • Hardluck Massey, ruler of Pex
  • Havalas Grudd, master of Oyster Cay, captain of the Scylla, former lover of Wide Olga
  • Hemdak Wavebaiter, ruler of Colvass Gibbet, captain of the Strange Mercy
  • Iolandra and Petrina Maxime, sisters, rulers of Little Oppara, captains of Lion’s Reach and Fearless Steed
  • Jolis Raffles, halfing master of Slipcove, captain of the Chains of Freedom
  • Longbeard, ruler of Mazdrubal
  • Mase Darimar, lieutenant to the Master of the Gales, captain of the Wavecrest
  • The Master of the Gales, ruler of Drenchport, captain of the Kraken
  • Mauril Breakwater and “Baron” Venigo Papathe, bosses of Raketooth, captains of Banshee’s Wail and Water Nymph
  • Maxevale Janis, master of Rapier Bay, captain of the Motaku Maiden
  • Nisia Gbele, ruler of Vilelock, captain of the Bloody Cudgel
  • Panewa Oala, master of Queen Bes, captain of the Desperation
  • Tessa Fairwind, Mistress of Quent, captain of the Luck of the Draw
  • Wide Olga, ruler of Oyster Cay, captain of the Beckoning Nereid, former lover of Havalas Grudd

Pirate Council

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