Mediogalti Island

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Of the hundreds of islands off the coast of Garund, none is more storied than Mediogalti Island. If rumor and innuendo can be believed, Golarion’s deadliest assassins, the Red Mantis, use the island as their base of operations. Their Crimson Citadel is supposedly hidden deep in the island’s jungles.

The most dangerous, evil pirates from all over the world’s oceans visit the port city of Ilizmagorti. It is purported to be a haven for anyone brave enough to sail into it and clever or canny enough to survive the stay. Harbor taverns around the Inner Sea are abuzz with rumors of the gold, jewels, and other bounty stashed on Mediogalti — and the ghosts of those who died placing them there.

The rest of the island is covered in lush tropical jungles home to a large number of reptilian creatures. Anyone brave enough to explore the jungles finds thriving tribes of kobolds and lizardfolk, not to mention an abundant population of various breeds of dinosaurs.

Mediogalti Island

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