Windward Isle

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Windward Isle is 2 miles long by 1 mile wide and is almost entirely surrounded by rough shingle and gravel beaches. Its central elevation never rises above 100 feet, so the tower of Tidewater Rock commands a good view of almost the entire island. Its soil is rocky and barren, with thin salt grasses, scrub trees, and a few boggy areas where peat is collected. Fauna consists of nothing larger than small serpents and mice. The Lady of the Rock maintains a few small areas of cultivated land where roots, grains, and vegetables are raised to supply the castle, and an orange grove grows near the lagoon. A small hutch inland from the anchorage provides shelter for the goatherd Mardus Siggs to watch over the herd of seven goats that call Windward Isle home during the day. In addition, two small springs (one hidden in a rock cistern) provide fresh water for the island’s inhabitants.

The harbor of Windward Isle is a quarter-mile-wide channel that runs just south of Tidewater Rock and ends in a lagoon large and deep enough to safely hold three seagoing ships. The water in the channel and lagoon never drops below 20 feet deep at low tide, so ships in the anchorage are in no danger of running aground, and are protected from the worst of the storm surges when monsoons blow in off the Fever Sea.

The keep of Tidewater Rock sits right on the lagoon’s edge, where the water ranges from knee deep to neck deep, with powerful ebb tides and rip currents that can sweep invaders out to sea.

Windward Isle

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