The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Two

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After the first day at sea, it was to be expected that we would encounter those of the crew who, either by themselves or by the suggestion of others, sought to establish themselves as tougher that the newest of the crew. Three of them, Fipps Crumlett, Aretta Bansion and Jaundiced Jape, the first being a fat sailor, the second a large-eared woman, and the last being a Half-Orc, attempted to prove themselves superior to ourselves and, save for a timely word from Reiko, may have found themselves dead for the their troubles.

This day’s chore for me was to man the bilges, a most unsavory task withal, but necessary. Being left to myself, I did keep watch for further unwelcome company; still, I was un-accosted for my shift and quite unable to escape my bilge pumping to attempt any other task for the day.
During the evening’s Bloody Hour, our acquaintance, Mr. Chopper, was whipped insensible by the Bosun, much to the malicious delight of Mr. Plugg and some of the other of the crew.

After having provided some rough medical care, Feruzi, Sandara and myself took the now unconscious Chopper to his hammock below decks. Sandara was able to, by magical means, call the Blessing of Besmara upon him, letting us know that she was able to call up the Pirate Queen for aid.

Today, having been told off to catch and exterminate vermin on board, I was able to ascertain that Grok, the quartermaster, shared my fondness for distilled spirits and I was able to reclaim my possessions by sharing a portion of my personal store.

Feruzi entertained us this evening after a minor Bloody Hour, where no one was much hurt, by a savage display of bowmanship.

By some manner not known to me, Mr. Chopper was also able to reacquaint himself with his possessions and seemed to be somewhat cheered by this.

I saw nothing else of note this day.

Again, today’s assignment was to pursue and eliminate vermin, of which there really is no end, from the recesses of the ship.

Having learned from my previous day where to find and how to capture and dispense such creatures, I was able to suggest to Sandara that we may have time for a game of cards, should we find suitable persons to play.

I did suggest that Mr. Chopper, Miss Feruzi and perhaps Miss Reiko would be appropriate partners to join us.

Shortly thereafter, a young lad by the name of Jack Scrimshaw, did exclaim that he had been injured by some creature or other whilst in bilges. Mr. Plugg then detailed, myself, Feruzi, Chopper and Reiko to investigate and dispatch any such that we found in the bilges.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Two

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