The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Twenty-Nine

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The second floor of the establishment was the lair of the cat-beast that Feruzi had slain, a remarkable creature composed of a large hunting-cat body with snakes growing from its shoulders, and the apothecary proper. Seeing that we would not be leaving much of anything, I commandeered the alchemical equipment for my own use on board the Crisis. Amongst the equipment were several ready-made compounds, poisons and some magical goods that we chose to appropriate for our own benefit.

In a further room, we found a hole with a ladder that led to the third storey of the building. With two avenues of approach, we divided into to teams with Reiko, Sandara and myself climbing the ladder and the others using the stairs. We met with the other group only after Reiko discovered the poisoned trap in the hallway. This seemed to have but little effect on her and we continued, with me blowing out a lock into a new room.’

This room was the den of two root/moss creatures, which I fired on as a matter of reflex. One of them let out a scream that had me feeling like I had had a cheap rotgut rum bender, unable to act but not too unsteady. Pegsworthy, not being as experienced with the fluctuations of the belly, did not fare so well.

Once the creatures had been dispatched, we moved on to another door that had some sounds as of a person, behind it. Having rebuffed my offer to open the lock, Reiko smashed the door in, hardly a quieter operation, to reveal a Mwangi woman, chained and gagged. The sight of this woman threw Feruzi into a diatribe at her. During this it was revealed that this bound woman was Feruzi long sought after sister, Ukele. Having minimal interest in family squabbles, both Reiko and I stepped to the last door and discovered that it was barred from the inside.

Borrowing Captain Chopper’s axe, Reiko made short work of the door and we looked upon and elegant bedroom. Shortly thereafter, and alchemical bomb flew from empty space and exploded at our feet, setting Chopper alight. Sandara, with great presence of mind, cast a spell into the room and revealing a Mwangi woman in fine clothing. Pegsworthy forced her back from the door and we proceeded to beat her into unconsciousness, as she would not surrender.

At this moment, we realized that Ukele and made to depart unnoticed. Leaving Reiko and myself with the unconscious woman, they all ran for the first floor to prevent Ukele’s escape. Still having little desire to meddle in family issues other than my own; I made the Mwangi woman secure and looked around the room. Unlike the other floors, the fireplace in the room was not blocked off.

Calling for rope and enduring a brief admonishment from our Captain, Reiko and I ventured into the cellar and discovered the spy’s notes and papers.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Twenty-Nine

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