The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Twenty-Four

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Goldtooth, true to his word, came to us after the nooning with a dealer in tow. A table and chair were brout up from the chart room and set on the aft-deck and the barrel of Gutbuster Rum was rolled up to stand beside. After a deep taste of it, I was able to pronounce it fit to drink, and then Reiko sat across from Goodtooth and the game began. After a few hjands, back and forth between them, Goldtooth finally bet it all and Reiko took the hand. Sadly, Goldtooth forgot that we WERE pirates and tried to take his stakes with him. Reiko made sure he did not and we claimed the rum as well.

While we had won two out of the three challenges, Goldtooth claimed that we must try the last one to us tested in battle. The Final challenge was to repel a boarding with only the Captain, myself, Reiko and Feruzi. We had no fear that we would complete this challenge with flying colors and we made ready.

When Goldtooth returned, he set an ugly giant of some sort upon us. I did strike true with a bolt from a ballista, but the giant cast some sort of fog on the area and we went hand-to-hand to take it down. With Reiko in the fray, there was never much doubt about the outcome, and, although she struck to disable and not to kill, we won quite handily.

Having passed all of the tests, were set to visit Fort Hazard, the seat of the Pirate King. With Chopper in the lead, followed by Feruzi, Reiko, Fishguts, Leila, Sandara and myself, we made our way to a smaller table opposite the Pirate King’s throne. We were joined there by Pegsworthy and Tatsumi. Of course there was some issue between Feruzi and Pegsworthy, but Captain Chopper put that to rest in a trice, at least while we in the King’s hall. The conversation was turned to the Regatta and the possibility that we may compete, as the Hurricane King was not joining this year.

Bonefist, the Pirate King came to his throne and called the hall to order by way of pistol, much to my liking! When the hall quieted, we were introduced and he recognized my name and made mention of my father as “a finer brother in arms a buccaneer ne’er hand, no mistake!” Then he made for us to tell of our adventures so that he may judge what we said of ourselves and how we said it. Unfortunately, one heckler was not put off by our glares and I did shoot the mug from his hand to quiet him.

Once Reiko had finished her, abbreviated, but honest tale, the King then called for an acclimation to recognize us as Free Captains and awarded us our Letter of Marque. And we commenced to celebrating.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Twenty-Four

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