The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Three

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Upon reaching the bilges, we discovered that the bilge water was now infested with rodents of unusual size and in possession vicious nature. We then gave a fair account of ourselves, with Reiko slicing one in half and the rest of us piercing them variously. When the filthy task was completed, only Chopper showed any wound and we made haste to remove our persons from the foulness of the bilge, only taking a few moments to discover where these rodents had come from, that being a bag of grain.

Save for the previous bit of excitement, the daylight hours, until dinner, passed without event and as such, are little to be remarked upon.

After an uneventful “Bloody Hour”, some of the crew began a match of strength, that being a contest of arm wrestling, where the table had been strewn with nails and broken glass. Reiko gave a good accounting for herself, even to the point of causing some wounds to the Half-Orc Jape that was amongst our tormentors of the second day, much to the amusement of the remaining crew.

Sandara, having acquired a new deck of cards, inquired if we should play and I bestirred myself to invite those I deemed suitable, namely Feruzi, Chopper, and Reiko, to join us in passing the time.

As we played, we held discourse over our situations and suitability of the ships officers. Much of the qualities, abilities and overall values of these officers was remarked upon as well as their fitness to command and order a pirating vessel such as the Wormwood. Much of the politics of crew and officers discussed, and then it was decided that, in order to make ourselves safer and perhaps to find a different berth, we should not waste much time on the officers, and instead look for friendship amongst the crew. At this talk, Reiko excused herself to check the stairs, so as to be sure we were not being overheard, and then to the upper deck and her own diversions.

We decided, that the four of us, Sandara, Chopper, Feruzi and myself were to be trusted with Reiko as a possible fifth, once we could learn of her motivations.

Overall, our positions remained as before: we must watch, wait and make friends, a task that so daunts me that I find it unlikely that I will be able to contribute much in the way of bettering or expanding our group.

I may make an attempt to discover the motivations of Nakayama Reiko at some point, so that we may be sure of her.

After that we retired and the next day passes without much event, as days at sea are wont to do. We moved about our tasks as well as we may and kept lookout for anything that might prove to be a sign of a target for piracy.

After dinner, where we were fed and watered again with sea-fare that was unremarkable, Mr. Plugg led out the man-beast that had been chained in the middle hold in order to provide a bit of, as Plugg named it, sport.

In my own eyes, it seemed that the man-beast, Owlbear Heartshorn, was more an object of pity and a target for kind word and gentle care than any object of sport could be. But being a new crewmember, and not one well liked at that, too much compassion shown may have caused more harm than good to either of us.

Feruzi, being resistant to many forms of fear, allowed that she could provide a target for the “sport” Plugg desired. Having found a possible victim to his liking, Plugg then offered a purse to any that would bet on the Mwangi woman, and seemed pleased that no would bet against his “pet”, until Reiko offered to do so.

The fight was fairly brief, as such things go, with Feruzi proving to be a fair and competent bare-knuckle fighter, and also one with honor. With out undue haste or fear, she managed to win the fight against such a large opponent and made no mockery of the man-beast after such a win. Such a showing did she make, that Mr. Plugg was put out by it, but Harthshorn became enamored of her by such a showing.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Three

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