The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Ten

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Creatures of the flying sort, which seemed to also be bloodsuckers, guarded the cove to the west and, as these posed no serious threat to our group, we dispatched them and moved on.
Having searched and found no cavern entrances or shelters of any sort, we came to the conclusion that the Grindylowes, being of an aquatic nature, had their homes below the water, and set ourselves to diving. Upon discovering what appeared to be an entrance, we used some alchemical lighting to explore it.
The entrance led us into some caverns, which, thankfully, contained at least a few air pockets where we might catch our breaths. Unfortunately, these cavers also contained a goodly number of Grindylowes, with whom we must do battle in order to recover our companions.
In one such cavern we discovered, not more Grindylowes, but rather, a large betentacled sea creature of a most violent nature. As always, Reiko, being incredibly strong and quick to act, gave it some injury were upon it fled, with myself, along with the others, in pursuit.
It did lead us to a different cavern, where the flow churned the waters and made swimming difficult and vison below the surface, troublesome. It was there that we discovered our companions, bound and weighted with silver bars, hanging from the roof, both of them is some distress.
Our tentacled foe, along with a Grindylowe of massive proportions and a smaller one bedecked with trinkets, made some speech at us that we were unable to comprehend. When it was realized that we would not be able to communicate, the smaller Grindlowe did cut the ropes that held our two companions, thereby plunging them into the water.
Leaving Feruzi, Leila and myself to deal with the creatures above the surface, Reiko and Chopped did dive deep to rescue those that we had come for. Having a mind to, at the very least, divert and delay these monsters, those of us on the surface gave battle. The tentacled creature made to consume Chopper, and seeing this, Feruzi did use her boarding pike to slay it whilst Leila and I dispatched the Grindylowe of Unusual Size.
The Queen, for such we assumed her to be, fled us and vanished from the caverns rather than face us all.
We gathered what we may and saw to our companions and quickly exited the caverns, thankful to be reunited.
After resting for the night, we made to see if we could find anything useful from the shipwreck mentioned in Ivy’s journal and then made plans to return to the Man’s Promise and confront Plugg and his henchmen.
Returning in the dead of night, using the reef itself to provide cover, we slew the lookout from ambuscade and boarded the ship as quietly as we might.
Scourge, the conniving whoreson, must have heard our advance, for he was prepared for us with Rosie as hostage. He demanded our surrender, but we refused knowing that he would slay Rosie regardless, where upon he flung her toward us as a distraction. Knowing that he would try to escape us via the hatch to the lower deck, I maneuvered to intercept him, letting him know that Besmara had called for his death.
Being true to those words, Scourge and his henchmen fell o our weapons, while the recent Rahadoumi members surrendered to Reiko. Having no care for them, I did not pursue their deaths, and we made some plan to assault Plugg.
When we exited the foredeck to implement our plan, we found that Plugg had anticipated us and was armed and ready on the deck. Chopper wasted no time in assaulting him, Reiko close behind and Feruzi shot him full of arrows.
Reiko and Chopper, seeing that Plugg was nigh unto death, offered to accept his surrender, but I, having given in to my rage and bloodlust, called for his death and moved to take it.
Chooper, using the authority we wished for him to have over us, called for me to stop, which I was able to, barely, do at his order. Feruzi, perhaps infuriated beyond reason by Pluggs claim that he has slain Owlbear, completed his death.
With some recriminations, Chopper and Reiko accepted this action and the ship was ours.

After some discussion, it was decided that Chopper was to be Captain and Reiko the First Mate, whilst the rest of us were to assume other positions of authority once we had reached a place called Rickety’s Squibs and had our ship refurbished.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Journeyman Gunner Part Ten

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