The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Two

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When we arrived at the Eye near to Drenchport, we made to ready ourselves for battle, but were not to be allowed much time. The Chelish fleet, at that time, did sail out of the Eye itself, unscathed and ready for battle.

No sooner than we had spotted them, we were assailed by devils, sent, I assume, ahead of the Chelish fleet as and advance screening unit. These devils breathed a foul smog and attacked in pairs, although their leader had some wit to him as he anchored our ship by magic as they began their attack and they began their attack with illusion. With no regret we dispatched them with blade, bow and bullet, and counted ourselves by Besmara blessed that we were not seriously harmed.

I then had time to reload my pistols as we approached the Chelish Fleet more closely. Seeking vengeance for the hunting, we sought the Dominator, but Pegsworthy had laid claim to her sinking and blood. We the sought out their flag-ship so as to cut the head from the serpent and gain the blessing of Besmara.

As the Abrogail’s Fury came closer and we made to attack, we were assaulted by yet another band of devils, these that tried to drown us with foul magical sea-water. When that failed, and their numbers were reduced by our efforts, they tried to bring more of their ilk to torment us. Their failure to do so left them open to our final volley and that was the end of them.

As we approached the Abrogail’s Fury, Reiko made mention that the colors flying from her told that Admiral Thrune herself was aboard. It made little difference to me, or to my cannon as my first shot took their wheel from them and left them without headway.

Spotting the Admiral on the poop deck, I let her have the second of my cannon, but her bodyguard took the glancing shot in her stead.

With no wheel to guide her, the Abrogail’s Fury lay open to our grapples and we made ready to board.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Two

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