The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Three

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With the crews engaged, the officers headed aft and Chopper engaged the first marine between us and the Admiral. Whilst he was thus engaged, the Admiral fired her crossbow into him, making a bigger hole than the bolt warranted.

Knowing it to be fruitless to assault the Admiral without removing her bodyguard, I opened fire on her. The bodyguard flinched not at all and I realized that had she not been a devil worshiping Chelaxian, she may have been my kind of woman, Grok Forgive. While I was pondering this, the marines from the poop-deck feathered me. Being afflicted with battle-madness, it bothered me not at all.

Feruzi made like a madwoman and attempted to remove both main deck marines with her bow, but only managed the one. Reiko then stepped forward to cleave the remaining one in twain and they all moved to engage the Admiral directly and the Admiral responded with a pillar of fire that only just missed our captain.

I opened up into the bodyguard again and Feruzi did then give her the shaft of her arrows. Reiko rushed forward and ended her with a strike from her blade. Chopper offered the Admiral quarter then, but was refused. Then another woman appeared along with a whirling disk of blades.

With the last of my pepper-box pistols, I fired into the Admiral but did not bring her down. Feruzi shot into the new arrival and Reiko cut down the Admiral. Then the sky darkened for a moment and mocking laughter was heard.

The remaining marines ran for the rail and the newcomer jinxed my pistols and tried to run. Feruzi, not being inclined to offer quarter herself, put an end to the newcomer and the fight was over.

The sea battle was mostly over by this point, with great losses given to the Chelish fleet, and , after the mopping up, we held conclave upon the Crisis. With much commentary on the cowardice and complacency of the Hurricane King a vote of No Confidence was passed and it was decided then and there to replace him.

In order to prove worthy, three challenges have to be passed: Defeat the Cannon Golem, Loot the Hurricane King’s Treasury, and Sink the Filthy Lucre.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Three

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