The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-One

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With the looming threat of a Chelish invasion, we hastened as much as we could, and a little more, to Port Peril to warn the Pirate Council. And, perhaps, to raise a fleet to oppose them as well. In their madness and haste, the Chelish had decided to sail through the Eye, instead of around it. If they had found some new magic or other way to thwart the Eye, it was een more important that we ready to repel them.

24 Abadius 4713 AR :
Arrival at Port Peril and everyone that serves on the Pirate Council is in attendance for this meeting. The floor was given to Chopper once Bonefist called us to order. Chopper made his case based on the evidence that we had collected and warned that it could be fatal to the Shackles if we did not prepare soonest we could. He went as far as to tell them that his fleet would go alone, if no one else would, to protect the Shackles even if it cost us our lives.

The Pirate King, the King himself!, called our papers into question, and thereby our dedication to the Shackles in the same utterance. I heard a ringing in my ears and was inspired to call him out on this cowardice and blindness; Are you, then, so old and tired that you would rather close your eyes to what is happening around, only so you can drool into your feather pillow in mindless comfort? Are you truly so daft, or are you a pirate lord of the Shackels?"

I knew that I took my life in my hands when I did so, but it was the same as with Plugg, I had to speak or explode into a murderous rage.

Bonerfist reminded us that the Chelish excelled at t open battle on the sea and that we, being pirates, excelled at hit and run tactics, and out and out claimed that the papers that we had recovered to be forged.

Chopper countered with: "So, what could be more surprising to the Chelish fleet than to find – for the first time in recorded history – the entirety of the Shackles power in one place, ready to meet them just as they escape the storm?”

Bonerfist ended the meeting them, in high color, with a threat that all that sailed north would be branded traitors if this was some ruse to weaken the Shackles.

We held another, more quiet, meeting on the Crisis afterward, Tessa Fairwind and Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, Arronax Endymion and the Master of the Gales and we of the Crisis. The Master would not call his ships, but would offer his personal aid, and Endymion offered all of his ships, as well as Fairwind’s, and her personal offer of support for Chopper as the next Pirate King.

We met with the other ships that chose to come and set sail for the Eye of Abendigo.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-One

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