The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Four

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Finding the Hurricane King’s storehouse was no trouble for us, and it was even less trouble to find the secret door to the tunnels. Wasting some not so great run was enough for us to clear the trapdoor and gain us access to the secret passageway to the King’s stronghold.

The first room we encountered was a shrine to Besmara, with a small offering left, we explored the rest of the temple. Finding not much of interest, we moved on and into a partially completed crypt.

Here the dead rose to impede our progress, calling to themselves a thick fog that impeded our sight. Even so, with fire, bullets, bow and blades we handily destroyed them, taking mostly minor wounds in the combat. Except for our Captain, who did suffer a draining from one of the creatures.

After we patched ourselves of our wounds, we found a hidden door leading onwards into what appeared to be a gathering hall of significant size. In the center of it, a rusted pile of gears and plates arose with great clanking and resolved itself into a giant, plated golem.

The next few pages of the journal are filled with detailed sketches and loving descriptions of the cannon golem, with construction notes and thoughts on the magics required to create one.

Besmara! What a blow!
Being on the receiving end of a well placed cannon blast, I was thrilled to see the creature in action! The cannon fired twice, nearly removing my skin from my body! A truly worthy adversary for one of my bent. If Besmara were to so favor me again, I would challenge it alone with only my personal weapons.

Sadly, with all of our officers here, it did not last long enough for me to fully enjoy the experience, but it did leave me with a reminder. A burn scar on my face from the incredible blast of its cannon, including the marks of powder improperly burnt.

I am intrigued as to what else may lay within this place.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Four

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