The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Five

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The next door in this place led to an octagonal room with a door on the far side. Halfway across, Lelia recognized it as a trap. At the same time, I set it off and hidden archers began firing from behind the walls. In spit of my deftness, the trap of whiling blades scored some cuts as I made my way to the next doors. Feruzi climbed the wall, Leila jammed the trap, the archers fired flaming crossbow bolts and Chopper charged the doors, hoping to break them open.

After seeing Chopper do naught but dislocate his shoulder, I unlocked the door with my pistol. Feruzi moved through to see another octagonal room with arrow-slits and Reiko joined her. Together they set of the fire trap in that room. Chopper tried his door breaking rush again, but failed. Again. Lelia, being the useful Bosun that she is, disarmed that room’s trap.

Seeing no entry to the archer’s area, I used my last four grenades to create one, leaving two archer’s exposed to Feruzi’s newest trick; lightning vomit. Reiko cut one and the other archers fired upon us again.

At this point, I believe that I took a nap. I can think of no other reason that I cannot remember the next few moments and then came to while laying on the floor. I scrambled to the unopened side of the room and fired through one of the slits. I assume that I ended her, because she stopped firing at us after that.

I moved to the other room then, while Reiko and Chopper finished of the archers behind the opened wall. I took some vengeance for Lelia’s wounds and moved along the wall out into the open room, following the archer’s foot steps. When the archer opened the door, she was met with a fusillade and a quick trip to Besmara.

From there we moved on to a large cavern filled with a lake to cross.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twenty-Five

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