The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twelve

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The Island of the Black Tower lay near to the Cannibal Islands, although even those becursed monsters stay clear due to the legends. A half-mile or so across, the island is home to none but the very simplest of creatures, for none of the higher orders of creation would dwell there. In the center; the Black Tower itself, looking like a black spike driven into the very heart of the island.

B y my engineering experience, it was obvious from close view that the Tower was held up more by magic than any exceptional engineering and the only likely way in was to be at the top. Making use of the vine growth on the Tower, we were able to make it to the top without much effort.

At the top, the entrance was well and truly covered with decompose flora, but we made short work of it and were able to enter the tower proper. The entrance was covered in depictions of tentacles with many and various places and people and ships being crushed in the coils with occasional images of Dagon, the demon lord of sea monsters.

The first room was marked by an Eye of Dagon, looking quite sinister, facing a statue with a carved heart in its hands and a locked and barred door at the other end. Sandara noticed and then explained a black handprint, the mark of holy assassins of Norgorber, of which Aiger, for whose sword we searched, was one.

The door was easily blasted open, but the Eye sent out a stream of filthy water that drenched our good Captain. The new opening now led us into another room with a heartless statue in it. Truly it was heartless, as there was an opening in its chest where a heart shaped object would fit. Quick to deduce the reason, we quickly, and adroitly, claimed the heart for the previous room and opened the door to a staircase to the next floor.

This floor had statues, and unstable floor and two monstrosities. These, being our chief concern, seemed to be nothing save tentacles and a mouth and were rapidly the target of our attacks. Not to be outdone, they countered with attacks of their own and managed to inspire such nausea in me that I was able to do nothing more than reload my pistols and let my shipmates take care of them. Once they had been dispatched, we burned out all the dangerous mold in the room and moved down.

The next room had a bound door in the floor, with the message: “The Shrouded Queen yet lives below, bound by Blackfingers’ forbiddance and Aiger’s Kiss. Seek not entrance for her rotting curse awaits ye. Let the slumbering darkness lie!”

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Twelve

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