The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Three

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Bikendi Otongu faded from sight once he told us his story and we made ready to leave the chamber, having no wish to fight such a potent spirit in our current condition. Nor did we wish overmuch to discuss his story and the consequences of following his wishes within the spirit’s own chamber. Once we had left the building, we spoke of our reluctance to let the spirit possess us in order to work its magic and also of what our options might be. My vote was to break the Dreamstone, kill the Cyclops and then banish the spirit.

At this point we chose to return to the Crisis to recover and plan our next actions. We chose to let Captain Chopper take a goodly number of the crew to secure the outside of the fortress whilst Feruzi, Reiko, Sandara, Leila and myself were dispatched to secure the interior, agreeing to return to the ship before nightfall.

Back at the fortress, we explored a few of the buildings and found them empty, with no attackers. While we paused in the courtyard it was noticed that there was, perhaps, a chest in the basement of one of the building’s ruins. Leila made it look easy as she recovered what was valuable.

In the remains of the barracks, Leila again proved quite useful in disarming the traps set by the mad apprentice, although we did suffer a bit in at least one case. It was a trivial thing and should not cause Leila concern in any way. We found the mad apprentice, one Ederleigh Baines by name and made him secure, although not uninjured. It was confirmed that he was truly mad, and beyond Sandara’s power to cure him. We left him secured and safe and moved on to the tower.

We were assaulted almost immediately my more “astral jumping spiders”, one claiming to be the mother of the others. I made short work of one and we seriously injured the Mother and she chose to run rather than die.

Sketches of the spider-creatures in a nightmare of DT scenery

The rest of the tower held mostly things of minor interest but did hold a working teleportation disc and a sending crystal.

With the tower explored and the spiders routed, we had secured the fortress and returned to the Crisis. There we leaned that Captain Chopper and the rest and dispatched some zombie’d Cyclops hands but was no worse for the wear.

Tomorrow we set out to find Sumitha.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Three

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