The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Ten

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Truth to tell, there was much to do with the after-party. We waited until the lords went to bed and roused our most trusted crew mates and associates to search and ward the Hold.

Chopper, Feruzi, Reiko and Sandara went to question Serfina. There they found her to be compelled by her shawl and at the orders of the “Little Man”. On those same orders, she did attack them, but was quickly subdued.

There was a flare as some sort of signal and I ordered the Hold on high watch.

Thereafter they hurried to warn the ships in the bay that were threatened. Sadly, one of the “Little Man’s” bombs went off and damaged one of the lords’ ships. That was the only ship damaged, as the others were saved by the timely arrival of my fellow officers.

Meanwhile, our search of the Hold I did discover a hidden Alchemist’s Lab. This was in a place almost inaccessible to anyone but a diligent and inspired searcher. This lab showed evidence of poison- and bomb work. Knowing that any Alchemist worth their salt would return, I chose to lay in wait for them.

I was rewarded by my wait. The Halfling did return and I caught him unawares. Thinking that I would not care for a close battle that this small hideaway would force upon me, I simply opened fire as soon as I saw him, and then brought his body to our Captain.

By all that I had found, this Halfling was behind all of our troubles: the rats, the poisoning, the bombs and Serfina’s Lust potion.

There was some brief discussion of speaking to him via a spell and then were notified of the lords’ presence in the main hall.

In the main hall Cerise Bloodmourn, Avimar Sorrinash, Mase Darimar and the Master of the Gales were waiting to have words with us. The words were; “It is the decision of this committee that you will EACH be offered a seat on the Pirate Council.” And that the next meeting would be at the first of the year.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Ten

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