The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Sixteen

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Now that we had secured the warships, we were to follow up a lead to Scrags. This would take us to the Dragon’s Jaws, an island to the southwest of Motaku Isle. With due caution, we approached the Jaws.

On our exploration, we saw a smoke signal and chose to land to investigate whatever it may be signaling. We did ease the Crisis into the Gullet between the Jaws and made ready a longboat for those of us going ashore.

Once ashore, we discovered a wrecked longboat of the Devilish Duchess and what did seem to be members of its crew floating in the waves nearby. Sadly these were, in fact, the undead remains of the crew, but they were easily dispatched. Not so with the other creatures that arrived and felled Sandara.

These were thin, long armed creatures with black snarls for hair and rotting gray flesh. It took more doing than the other creatures, but were destroyed before they could force death upon any of us.

After reviving Sandara, it was not too far of a walk to a spring of Pharasma that seemed to have healing and undead banishing properties, and not much farther to the signal fire.

There we encountered some maroons that explained themselves to be the remnants of Scrag’s crew. After expressing that we had no love for the Bastard Harrigan, they told us of a sealed chest, containing information on Harrigan that we may use to our advantage, kept in a cave with the remains of several ships by the creatures that had attacked us on the beach.

Having time, Captain Chopper chose to quickly visit a landmark of large, carved wooden heads to the south. He made the acquaintance, as he always does, of a strange human, seemingly made of metal. This metal man had been charged with protecting the heads and could not be freed unless some strange or impossible circumstance arose. Being himself, Chopper wormed the escape clause form the being and set him free. On his departure, the creature promised to repay his debt.

This seems to be a theme for our Captain, not that I disapprove, of setting most everything free. From slaves to Manticores to nerids to metalic men, the symbol of freedom that is our flag seems to be most appropriate.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Sixteen

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