The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Six

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When the morning came, Sandara restored my eyesight and then we discussed, at length, what to do to recover our Captain.

Feruzi suggested that we smash the stone with no delay, that being the way to remove and recover from the spell that was the basis of the stone’s construction. While this plan had serious merit, we were reluctant to act upon it as it may not have been the correct action and we may have lost Chopper completely. After some spells to communicate with other, more experienced persons, we finally decided that destroying the dreamstone was the correct action. Fitting plan to action, I blasted the Stone with my pistol and released all the captured souls as well as our bewildered Captain.

After catching Chopper up on our events, we set out to remove the last remains of Bikendi Otongu from the world of the living.

Once we had arrived at his underground chamber, it was made manifest that he was well aware of our intentions and proceeded to attempt to posses Sandara. Failing at that, he then attempted to thwart our minds, drain our life essences, and generally to wreck havoc upon us. Being possessed of strong wills and magical weapons, we made short work of his ghost, although we did suffer for this work.

As our reward, we claimed the island as our own and all treasure upon it. As well we claimed Bikendi Otongu’s journal that contained a map to additional hidden treasure.

Once we found that we had no more challenges upon the fort, we began the preliminary work upon it to make it habitable and safe for our use. As well we sent for workers of a more specialized bent to make our new kingdom worthy to house such pirates as ourselves.

Being that we had completed our primary objectives, we set out to examine the rest of the island, to be sure that no more dangerous surprises lay waiting for us to stumble upon.
We discovered that we were not the only inhabitants on the island, truly, there were two others of note:
One, the Nerid Sefina, whose presence offered us only a slight danger, though that would be more to those sailors that offered her any harm or insult.
And, Two, the Manticore Morgus had made his way to the Island and had made his home upon the peak behind the Fortress. He was made welcome in our Captain’s odd way and promised us to warn us of dangers, should they approach.

Of a final note on the disposition of the island’s resources, the tower to the north west was set aside for my use as a place removed from careless passerby, that I may perform my experiments in explosives, firearms and alchemy.

sketches of the tower’s layout, composition and a list of possible experiments

For now, the repairs continue apace and we expect Pegsworthy at any time.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Six

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