The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Seventeen

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With the idle freeing of the metallic-man, we made our way to the cave where the ships had been secreted. Knowing that there would be undead, I readied all my pistols and checked the pepperboxes to make sure of their special bullets.

The cave itself was packed with damaged ships and the bottom was filled with the remainders that had rotted away into scraps. We were able to spot the Devilish Duchess that we sought and another besides. This one was named Black Marlin and had long leans lines and what appeared to be cannon along its sides. If it is at all salvageable, it would make a fierce fighting ship, fit for pirates such as ourselves.

As we made our way along the ships, searching for anything salvageable and loot, we were attacked as we thought we may be. With Reiko attacking the lead creature, I unloaded four pistols into it, but the bullets had less of an effect than they should have. I switched to the pepperboxes, loaded as they were with the Israel Rounds, to greater effect. Even Captain Chopper got in an increadibly solid whack with his ax, making all of blink. It was a truly epic blow. Shortly our foes were dispatched, leaving us ill and some of us diseased with their gore.

After scouring the cavern for anything of value, I made plans ans sketches for removing the Black Marlin and her cannon, so that we could take her and her cannon home and rebuild her and refurbish her cannon for our use.

Meanwhile, the rest of the officers discussed the new information found in Rotgram’s journal. It detailed Harrigan’s fortress and the beast that guarded the waters around it. These details included the rear entrance and escape route. The sea-beast, of course, drew Choppers attention as he planned to tame and train it for himself.

Unsure of when Harrigan would sail against us, we made ready to sail to Empty Eyes to gather our fleet. On the way, Rosie and I managed to refurbish one of the cannon and I made plans to build Loaders for it in the same manner as the Loaders for my pistols.

Once at home, I finished several alchemical charges for the cannon and wrapped up the production for the exploding barrels. In this fashion we made ready to defeat Harrigan’s fleet.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Seventeen

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