The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Seven

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We gained word from Pegsworthy about the Chelish spy in the Shackles. Fargo Vitterande, commander of the Jester’s Grin was spotted near Deg’s Machine, meeting with a merchantman with the Dominator to watch over them. Pegsworthy barely escaped to bring us the news. I may have some thought on how to deal with the _Dominator_…

Sketches and formulas fill the next 15-20 pages: Alchemist’s Fire and Gunpowder kegs, some large and some smaller, some covered in tar. Complex sparking mechanisms cover several more pages.

Knowing, roughly, the path that the Jester’s Grin must take, we chose to follow on and attempt to capture the corvette and to dig deeper into the issue of spies in the Shackles.

While we had the time, between provisioning, rebuilding and planning our hunt, we saw fit to search for the treasure left behind by Ontogu. We sailed to the correct area of the ocean and descended to spot an old Cyclops temple of sorts, surrounded and covered by coral. We ran afoul of three very large sharks, Megalodons, someone called them.

This proved to be the unveiling of my best discovery yet; gunpowder that works when submerged.

More formulas and chemical explanations cover the next 4 pages.

By adding this to my arsenal, I have surpassed my father, from what I know, in the arts of gunpowder and alchemy. And, as well, finishing off the giant sharks.

We traversed the maze of coral to enter the temple, and finding our way deeper, came across a chamber streaked with light from above. This roused our curiosity as we were too deep for sunlight and knew of no other light sources. We came to discover a phosphorus sort of jellyfish that moved to consume us as soon as it noticed us.

With gunfire and blade we dispatched the creature and secured the treasure for ourselves. Including a large stock of whiskey, of which I claimed the few very fine bottles. After winching the booty aboard, we returned to our island to find that we had guests, in the form of displaced courtesans.

Chopper, of course, made them welcome as employees of a sort, and let them stay.

Meanwhile, we provisioned ourselves to chase the Jester’s Grin and the Chelish spy ring.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Seven

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