The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part One

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We made sail to Port Peril to be there for Pegsworthy’s judgment and managed to arrive for the last part of his trial. It seemed to me that Bonefist had become a cranky old man that wanted nothing more than to have the whole thing over with as quickly as possible so he could have his pudding and a nap. And while Pegsworthy was not exiled or hanged, he was fined ten thousand Sails to be paid to Harrigan.

Whilst we were musing over possible ways to assist our ally, Feruzi outright proposed to Pegsworthy. This was such a surprise to me that I am sure I looked the fool as I gaped at her. With more uncharacteristic high spirits (uncharacteristic for Feruzi, anyway) we made our way back to the Crisis.

Once there, Chopper sent for Sandara and I poured from my finest whiskey to celebrate this very strange, but hopeful occasion. With more activity and levity than I care to retell, Sandara arrived and Feruzi and Pegsworthy were married. Feruzi sailed on the Bonaventure to return her sister and claim her wedding portion. The rest of us made ready to sail to he Island of Empty Eyes.

Notes on the making of Fused Pellet Grenades and Flame Fountain Fireworks
Notes on improved gun action after Sandara’s enchantments
Notes on rifled slug/bullets

When Feruzi returned, we sailed for a week to the Island of Empty Eyes. An Island granted to us for winning the Regatta and in need of taming.

The island had two bays and Chopper chose the larger one to anchor in. Once our ship was anchored, we were assaulted by a giant octopus that managed to grab several of the crew before we could dispatch it.

Once ashore, we headed for the remains of a fort with a tower, that lay on the shores of the island.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part One

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