The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Nineteen

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After our battle with Harrigan’s fleet, we met in the war-room of Nightmare hold to plan our next move. A former Wormwood officer, Bintrim Whist, laid out as much as he knew of Harrigan’s hold on Garnet Isle and we made ready to sail in Harrigan’s captured ships to take him and his fortress.

After quaffing some invisibility potions and casting the same sort of spells, we made ready to bluff our way into Harrigan’s fortress. With our turn-coat officer in the lead, he managed to get us past the gates and into the second courtyard before some lumbering behemoth of a sea creature sniffed us out and began a battle.

Seeking the high-ground and also to deny any easy access for our foes, I cut the cable for the lift in the corner and rode the cut end to the top of the wall. With smugglers and a sea-troll in the courtyard, my shipmates began fighting, I sought to provide gunfire support, but the guards along the parapet began moving in. Dealing with the two of them left me with scant time to aid my fellows in the courtyard.

Meanwhile in the courtyard itself, my companions were beset by even more trolls and smugglers and such Even so, they gave good account for themselves ans the lay about them with blades arrows and fists. It was left to me to hold the wall and keep them from being pincushioned by arrows from above.

Evenually, whilst I was reloading to aid them, my companions were beset by even more men and trolls and I saw Captain Chopper engage a Tengu. It seemed to me a mighty fight, with commentary that I could not quite hear above the battle.

I found that even more of the smugglers has gained the wall and hastened to the fight. With alacraty I tossed my grenades upon them and even my Sister Sandi cast an icy sort of spell to delay and harm them. By this time, black robed casters had joined the fray.

With blade and bullet and spell did we strive against the forces of Harrigan. Chopper continued to exchange quips and blows against the Tengu while the rest of us attempted to reduce the forces that choked the courtyard. I could finally see Reiko, short as she is, admist the remnants of Harrigan’s guards. And the black robed casters became easy targets for my guns.

With Reiko assisting in dispatching the Tengu, we carried the fight and made ready to enter the fortress itself.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Nineteen

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