The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Nine

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With more than a month to go before the party for the Pirate Council, I managed to send word to my Mother and she agreed to join us as a guest and seamstress. She agreed, mostly, I assume, to take hand in my wardrobe and it pleases me to let her live more easily here than in Riddleport. I suspect that she and Conchobhar will get along quite well.

Meanwhile, my researches continue. I have come top the conclusion that a small amount of Alchemist’s Fire would serve as a trigger to my grenades and to the mines as well and I have set myself….

Notes on Alchemist’s Fire triggers and other explosives follow… Several pages worth over two months

On the day of the party, we have set ourselves to the final preparations and I have set Rosie Cusswell, the Gunner’s Mate and my research assistant, in charge, as it were, of the fireworks displays set for late evening.

With preparations well in hand, we set ourselves to waiting and I to my bodyguard duties for the Captain.

Rickety Hake and Tessa Fairwinds were the first notables to arrive, followed by the Master of the Gales.

Our main guests then arrived: Avimar Sorrinash, Cerise Bloodmourn and Mase Darimar. These three were to be the judges of our new island and were not long in beginning their questioning.

Avimar Sorrinash started off with a tour of the defenses and pressed me quite heavily for the details, which I assume pleased him as he gifted me with a Ship in a Bottle that would ward our ship from damage.


We then retired to the Main Hall, where it was obvious that they were quite pleased with the Old Deep Rum. Feruzi then told a tale, which seldom strayed too far from the reality, of our adventures in taming the island. Lady Bloodmourn was impressed with the tale and the telling of it and awarded Feruzi with a magical cane.

The Captain, and myself as his bodyguard, were requested to come to the kitchen to deal with a “minor issue”. This issue was, in fact, not minor at all and rather worrisome, in truth. A swarm of rats had invaded the kitchen at the worst possible time. With the Captain’s ability to influence animals, he was able to deal with them quickly and the food began to be served.

During the appetizers, Mase Darimar questioned Captain Chopper about setting courses in the Shackles. The Captain was quick to impress him with his knowledge, as well as his compassion for some fo the creatures we had encountered. Mase Darimar then granted Chopper a magical conch shell.

During the main course, Sandara brought Chopper and I to the kitchen where Kroop had fallen victim to what appeared to be poison. With some questions and my knowledge of alchemy and Chopper’s of medicine we determined that it was a mixed poison, different portions of the poison in different items to be mixed when the components were ingested. It was merely a sickening agent and promptly countered, for our honored guests at least, with some “Spiced Whiskey” containing anti-toxin. I took some samples, but I would assume that it was a special blend and not readily repeated or discovered.

Whilst I was about this, it seems that someone, likely a Nereid (or the seeming of one) convinced a server to spike Mase Darimar’s drink with a love potion. Thankfully Reiko-san was able to distract him with what sounded like a “Fan Dance”.

At this point, I believe that someone is set to ruin our party and make us look bad in the eyes of the Pirate Council. As such, I have sent Rosie to double-check the fireworks and will attend to them myself as soon as I may.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Nine

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