The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Fourteen

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After a small bit of discussion, and a grenade applied by Chopper, the chained hatch was opened, revealing to us a smooth-walled shaft leading to another chamber below. With the proper application of rope, and no small amount of humorous dialog, we began our descent.

This room held carvings of human bone and sea creatures, with a large altar facing a large pool of dirty water. The sword that we sought, or so we assumed at first glance, was impaled into the stone at the bottom of the pool.

This was truly the home of the Shrouded Queen, a large eight-legged creature with actual shroud-like wings between its legs. Three tails with spikes adorned what was its back end and horns and hideous tongue its front, and its stench was worse than that of the Riddleport sewers on a hot day. It wasted no time in enspelling us to exhaustion.

Reiko managed to draw its attention and Feruzi managed to pierce it with an arrow. A well-placed shot from me, and a call to my goddess drew its ire and attacks, leaving me sorely wounded. Another round of blades, arrows an bullets finally ended the creature, but to be certain of its demise, I did empty all my pistols into the corpse.

We gathered all of the creature’s treasure to ourselves and made a long show of trying to remove what was discovered to be Aiger’s Kiss from the stone in which it was impaled. After some discussion of leverage and explosives, Reiko managed to wrench the blade form the stone, draining the water into another dimension, from whence we could occasionally hear whispers.

Thus completing our errand here, we returned to the Crisis only to find a man we did not know at our ship, calling for parley. He was revealed to be Valerande Aiger, the Barracuda and sought to claim his mother’s blade. With no chance at all of wresting it from us by force, he tried to make a deal. After an overnight discussion, Chopper offered him a place in our fleet as the price of the blade, and arranged to have him join our meeting.

On our way home, we stopped in Ollo to turn some of our treasure into cash where we were requested to join Captain Endymion for some discourse of issues close to his heart.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Fourteen

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