The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Four

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We set off in the morning up a small river to one of the interior lakes. On the shore of this lake, a huge corral had been built, as if to contain large creatures, perhaps dinosaurs, within it. It had failed to do its task as it had been broken and trampled by its occupants. The former occupants, or similar creatures, Three- Horns to be specific, were feeding in the brush nearby.

Captain Chopper, always on the lookout for fresh crew or foolish adventure, made to approach these creatures and to make friends of them. We reluctantly followed, in order to rescue him should this prove to folly. He did manage to tame one of them by way of enspelled ring, and its mate soon followed when it discovered that we meant no harm and that we were the source of tasty tidbits in the form of apples. Chopper managed to ride the Three-horn until the steps up to the top of the plateau proved to be impassable to the creatures.

At the top of the crude steps, the was a highway of sorts, crafted from quarried stone, leading to a cluster of stony hills which were the reported location of Sumitha. While discussing possible actions I was engaged, briefly, in banter, something that is not my wont. I am led to consider how much I have changed from my former hostile and taciturn self. If I must guess, it would be the quality of the spirits I now consume, being better than I could afford previously, they must mellow my mood considerably.

At the entrance to Sumitha, we managed to skirt an obvious trap and, intentionally, to attract the attention of the two Cyclopean guards, who proved to be hostile. After a very brief exchange, they seemed willing to talk as we out logiced the rather simple Cyclopes and had them take us to their chieftain.

Brief sketch of the Sumithia layout

Our guide brought us though various rooms, only a few that were in use, but all showing signs of poor maintenance, to a huge hall. In this hall, their chieftain resided, an abnormally large Cyclops with an equally large greatclub.

Our opening parley was rather brief and the Cyclops refused us immediately. The chieftain was most certainly tougher than most things we had fought as he shrugged off a well-placed bullet and Reiko’s opening cut, and then proceeded to knock Reiko flying with his greatclub. Sandara was next to feel his wrath as she moved to help Reiko.

Then an insult so perfect flew from the lips of our Captain; “Yer mother was a no-eyed trollop who gave skull jobs to the sailors!” I have heard worse curses and more vile taunts, but nothing uttered with such perfect timing and such insulting targeting.

This insult distracted the Cyclops for the single moment that Reiko needed to cut him in half.

After such a fight, the rest of the Cyclopes have apparently fled in terror and left us to explore Sumitha.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Four

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