The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Five

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(The following entry is made in a very tight, very unsteady script, still obviously Ezikial’s, with many smears and inkblots, as if the writer has had much experience in writing in the dark, but not while blind)

Now that the Cyclopes had abandoned Sumithia, we did search the ruins in the courtyard and took any valuables that we found for our own. Then, after a quite brief conversation, we went to hold converse with what the Cyclopes called the “Wish Woman”

This “Wish Woman” was to be found in a shaped pool in the central portion of the courtyard, indeed it was an ornamental place with fine columns and sculpting. The “Wish Woman” called herself a marid, a creature of elemental water and named herself “Vailea”. She had been trapped in the pool since the days of Ghol-Gan by ancient magics and could only be freed by the power of her own wish granted by another.

Feruzi noted that wishes were something to be cautious of, Reiko wanted to wait to release the marid and Chopper, of course, was ready to release the marid immediately. Still we did ask questions of the marid and gained some insight into recovering the “Dreamstone” and a warning of what may lay in wait for at the Eye of Serenity. Once freed the marid swore to repay the Captain’s kindness.

Somewhere in all this, Reiko’s honor may have been insulted. Although I did not the insult, I am notoriously lax in such interpersonal matters and it is quite likely that I missed it completely. Reiko then moved off as to head back to the ship and, as I had not shot anything recently enough and was running low on whiskey, I suggested that we also return to the ship. This would have given me time to clean my fouled pistol and use it again.

Instead we continued to explore, and therefore headed into the caverns behind the courtyard buildings, encountering therein some enchanted statues that took some effort to dispatch. Beside these guardians, we did discover more teleportation discs in the floors that may lead back to the tower in fortress.

We explored a room that most certainly contained the Eye of Serenity and in one closet; darkness, in the other; the herbal incense we needed to enter the Eye. Deciding to return once we had secured the rest of the cavers, we moved on. The last door that we encountered was warded by a magical seal, which was easily circumvented with a judicious use of grenades.

Captain Chopper burned the incense and Sandara warded us as we entered the Eye. As Chopper approached the Dreamstone, a mummified corpse of a Cyclops lifted itself from the floor. We did battle and I was able to severely wound it before it blinded me, with Besmara’s blessing I was able to critically injure it even blind.

At this point, I was told that the stone had absorbed Chopper in some manner, but that destroying the stone should release him. We retired to the ship to research this and to recover so that my sight may be restored and Reiko’s wound be healed.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Five

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