The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Fifteen

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Endymion seems to have been plagued by performers, subtly indicating that he was one of the Chelish conspirators rather than one that hated them. He requested that we investigate these actors to prove that they were spreading slander, as his intervention would only be seen as proof. For this small favor, he did promise a squadron of his warships for our current endeavors.

Being of a mind to have Endymion in our debt, and to have his warships fight alongside us, Chopper agreed and we set out to lay our own eyes on the Theater of Corruption.

Here I will quote Feruzi on her description of the place:
“The Theater of Corruption in Hell Harbor is run by a trio of Chelish expatriates who perform abstract reworkings of ancient Chelish plays. The disturbing operatic comedies featured dark fiends as protagonists and mortal antagonists who embroil themselves in sins and deviltry, suffering ironic losses, deformities, and often damnation. It is difficult to know whether the patrons enjoy these themes or whether they simply love the scandalous reputation of the establishment.”_

No sooner had we arrived than we were told off by a guard. When Feruzi sought to subdue him, we found that he was just an illusion, for all his cheek. Mocking laughter came from the roof, and Feruzi made her way up to confront them., but saw no one. Reiko made to break down the side door and someone inside started to sing truly terrible Chelish opera.

A creature leapt from the roof onto our Captain but I was able to take it apart with the slugs that Israel had designed. Reiko had been engaged at the door by a bloody-bearded, crazed man. Unable to get past her and her opponent, I blasted open the front door and we moved in to assault the remaining enemies within. By the time we were inside, Reiko had dispatched her foe in a flurry of blades.

A teifling and a human, both female, seeing how we had demolished their more robust companions, fled by means of spell. This left us in possession of the battlefield and we were able to recover the proof of their Chelish origins.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Fifteen

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