The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eleven

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An uneventful trip to Port Peril had us arrive on New Year’s Eve, in good enough time for the first meeting of the Pirate Council. We then gathered in a large chamber of Fort Hazard to attend our first meeting as Pirate Lords.

The meeting seemed to me to be more of an excuse to gather and make merry on the Hurricane King’s food and drink, and most excellent food and drink it was, than the attempt any serious governing of the Shackles. I think most of the meeting and votes held correct to my views.

To note, the attendees:
Known to us; Tessa Fairwind, Arronax Endymion, Master of the Gales, Avimar Sorrinash, Cerise Bloodmourn, and MaseDarimar.
New to us; Delemona Burie, Hardluck Massey, Jolis Raffles, and Wide Olga.

With a brief instruction by our ally, Fairwind, we made ready to begin.

For equal shares of the Sargavan Tithe to The Isle of Empty Eyes; Full shares voted, after an impassioned speech by our own Reiko.

For statues instead of improvements to our defenses of the Shackles; Statues agreed upon, the Besmara damned fools, by one vote

For Ollo to have exclusive rights to salvage the Black Tower; Denied. Whomever takes the risk shall gain the reward with no tithe due the Hurricane King.

And the story or the Black Tower:

It’s been 25 years since infamous pirate Captain Tevenida Aiger (known in the legends to have been a powerful clericof Norgorber) led a raid on the Isle of the Black Tower and its foul mistress , the Shrouded Queen, whose mastery over ocean currents and strange monsters had rendered the nearby sea lanes dangerous for any pirates seeking a shortcut into the lucrative shipping lanes .
Captain Aiger lost her sword, her ship, and her life in that raid, but the Shrouded Queen was defeated and the sea lanes around her isle opened again.
Yet while the Shrouded Queen no longer menaced the surrounding seas, something remained active within her Black Tower, for all attempts to retrieve Aiger’s Kiss have failed.
With this year being the silver anniversary of the Shrouded Queen’s defeat and the loss of Captain Aiger’s magical sword, the tale seems to be on everyone’s lips , along with speculation about Captain Aiger’s son, an unpleasant man with the nickname of “Barracuda,” of whom very little has been heard of late.
Many suspect Captain Aiger’s son of being but the latest fool to go missing in the Black Tower, while others muse that he’s fled the Shackles completely, unable to bear the shame of the loss of such a potent heirloom.
In any event, all agree that the time

To declare Scags Rotgram and his ship, Devilish Duchess outlaw; Denied. It seems that is a ploy of Harrigan, the bastard, to enrich himself. Chopper himself spoke against this one.

Funds to hunt the Chelish spy in the Shackles; Approved. With the help of Endymion to boot.

With that settled, and with a few things still left to vote upon, the Hurricane King ended the meeting, very much like the querulous old man he is truly proving to be. There will be another meeting later in the year.

The next day we were sent a note, by magical raven, no less, that Harrigan was gathering up a fleet to attempt to take our current gains from us by force. Fairwind suggested that we gather allies of our own and even more infamy and currency by raiding the Black Tower ourselves.

We then made plans to gather our allies and potential allies and set off to raid the Tower, as we had been planning that from the start.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eleven

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