The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eighteen

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The more I look at the wreck that is called the Black Marlin, the more I want her repaired. She looks to be a lean, fast hunting ship and with the correct sails, she could be the fastest and most maneuverable ship in the Shackles. I will work to make he the flagship of our new fleet and to have her name changed to Besmara’s Hands.

Morgus brought word that Harrigan’s fleet had arrived at last, and we set sail to meet them. As we approached, it was determined that we would strike for the heart of the fleet, directly at the Wormwood, to cut off the head of the snake and leave it’s body floundering.

Captain Chopper had the crew screaming to the skies and ready to fight in short order. With our allies taking on the bulk of the enemy fleet, we made our way to the Wormwood. And to give Reiko her due, she is one of the finest pilots on the seas; she maneuvered us into the blind spot of their siege weapons in short order as well as lining me up for a shot on their ship’s wheel.

The roar of the cannon and the smell of blood, brought to mind a song that I had heard and in the joy of battle, I sang it out loud and Sandara sang with me:

When we had finally grappled, I swung over and in passing, I took out Krine’s good knee and landed behind the officers lined up to repel boarders. I was stabbed, but in my battle-madness, I could only laugh and call out that my Goddess had come to call them away
Rekio came aboard in a shower of blood and gore, shocking all that saw it. Kipper from the Wormwood had sunck up to a ballista and fired upon me, catching me unaware. Still caught up in the maddness, I felt the bolt pass right through me, ripping my guts as it passed. The pain was just a distant thing to me, though and I laughed even louder knowing that I was even closer to Besmara.

Feruzi ended that play with her arrows, with a nice fine display of vitals shooting and Chopper came across with a mighty blow of his ax. It seem that our grand-captain has finally found the correct way to board a ship! With this distraction, I was able to end the Gnome on one side and blast the officer on the other.

When Reiko called out for them to surrender, the remaining officers dropped their weapons with alacrity. Except for Krine, who began screaming threats and curses until Chopper pushed her overboard with a wave. The surrendered offered their service almost as soon as she hit the water.

Harrigan proved to not be aboard and neither was his first mate, only a Mwangi woman that vanished as soon as she saw us enter the captain’s cabin. At this point I struck Harrigan’s colors and replaced them with our own, taking his flag to wear as a sash around my hips, under my gun belt.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eighteen

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