The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eight

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The Jester’s Grin proved to be an easy capture, despite her lean lines and quick rigging. Perhaps our crew members were better motivated.

With the enemy crew occupied by our crew, we were able to breach the captain’s quarters with ease. Within we found our quarry hiding behind 4 large bodyguards. Whilst these were being dispatched by blade bullet and bow, Vitterande escaped through the window and headed for the deck, with Chopper soon to follow.

As I made my way onto the deck, I espied Vitterande now in the form of a human-rat hybrid, calling for a parley. I ran towards him to bring him in range of my pistols, should he plan some treachery, but decided to leap overboard into the sea. At the time it made perfect sense to do so, but I later came to realize that it was a spell that made me do so.

I heard from the deck Vitterande asking us to take what we wanted and go, and Chopper replying that he was what we wanted and then the resumption of hostilities.

As I made my way up the side to get behind Vitterande, Feruzi made to tackle him, proving that he was an illusion. Chopper was able to gain an inkling as to his location as Vitterande unleashed a bolt of lightning at Feruzi. She then managed to knock him from his perch by cutting a boom loose with her arrows, making him fall to the deck.
Seeing the wand in his hand, I then placed a bullet into the hand, making the wand fall free whilst Reiko struck min several times to deprive him of his consciousness.

We released the slaves held on board and, as standard with us, offered them freedom or a place amongst our crew, and looted the hold of its cargo. We claimed the multiple barrels of Old Deep Rum for ourselves, ignoring that they bore the mark of Arronax Endymion. (Arronax Endymion would bar me from Hell Harbor for my Cheliaxian heritage with no thought that I am a pirate and from Riddleport. Therefore I shall keep his rum.)

After questioning Vitterande, with the threat of torture provided by myself, he provided information on his past as a Cheliaxian spy, but did not have any further contacts with them. In exchange for his loyalty, promise to quit slaving and forty percent of his profits, Chopper gave him a place in our employ.

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The Journal of Ezikial Hands, Gunner Part Eight

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