The Island of Empty Eyes

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A. Bay
White, sandy beaches encircle this deep, sheltered bay, stretching nearly two miles in every direction. To the north, a massive waterfall plummets from a high escarpment rising just above the treeline. The white stone walls of a seaside fort gleam on the western shore. A single tower reaches skyward from the fort, crowned with a torch like fixture of dazzling crystal.

B. Chelish Fort

C. Morgus’s Cave
Rocky hills and ridges rise from this elevated plateau. No trails provide access to its lofty heights, though a 90-foot-high waterfall descends from its northern face.

D. Dinosaur Corral
A giant-sized corral sits on the eastern shore of a large lake. Several of the corral’s beams, each one the size of an entire tree, lie broken and smashed on the ground. Massive footprints from some heavy beast have long since dried in the muddy pasture.

E. Giant Stairs
Huge stone steps rise along this five-hundred-foot high plateau, each one carved to accommodate giant-sized strides.

F. Gunpowder Tower
A tall stone tower topped with battlements rises along the cliffs here. Two eyeless cyclops statues rise above these defenses, gazing sightlessly over the western sea. Above them, the spire continues upward, tapering into a giant crystal shard of pink quartz. At ground level, immense double doors, decorated in ancient glyphs, form the tower’s only entrance.

G. Ruins of Sumitha

H. Great Stone Bridge
Ancient carvings decorate this large stone bridge, which crosses a swift river flowing from the mountain to the north. A pair of statues of cyclops warriors stands at each end, with massive, fiery gemstones representing their singular, unblinking eyes. The statues to the east hold giant swords above their heads in a guardian pose, while those to the west point their blades toward the ground, heads bowed in reverence.

I. Mountain Aerie
Progressively higher hills lead into this mountain, which provides a commanding view of the island’s northeast coastline. Gullies from the runoff of tropical rainstorms form navigable pathways up the sides of the peak.

J. Mangrove Swamp
A dense, overgrown swamp stretches beneath this mile-long cliff. Colorful birds make their nests among the foliage, their mating calls echoing across the expanse.

K. Cyclopean Docks
Huge stone pylons lead from the shore into the island’s eastern bay here. The broken beams and timbers that once formed a giant dock lie smashed between them, half-submerged in the water. Three giant-sized canoes and a catamaran lie beached on the sand nearby.

L. Crab Spawning Grounds
Broken bits of seashell and loose stones dot the beaches here. Farther inland, tall grass and wildflowers grow in the compacted sand, their fronds waving in the ocean breeze.

M. Treant Preserve
Stands of giant palm trees grow more prominent in the hills here, many reaching abnormal heights of seventy feet or more to tower over the surrounding jungle.

N. Sefina’s Grotto
The sound of singing echoes among the rocks along this sandy beach. Footprints lead from the shore to the bay, where crystal blue waters provide a clear view of a deep pool and grotto below.

O. Kelp Fields
Thick growths of kelp, seaweed, and other aquatic plants float beneath the water’s surface here, choking the shoreline. The marine garden stretches nearly a mile in both directions.

P. Wreck of the Sea Sparrow
A mess of driftwood lies scattered and broken on these rocky shoals, continually battered by the crashing waves. Seabirds roost among them, their calls eddying upon the wind.

Q. Sunken Shrine

The Island of Empty Eyes

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