Sodden Lands

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Hurricane-Ravaged Wasteland
Alignment: CN
Capital: None
Major Races: Humans, merfolk, sahuagin
Major Religions: Gozreh
Languages: Common, Polyglot

At the precise moment the god Aroden is thought to have died, the greatest hurricane Golarion has ever known suddenly formed in all its fury just off the west coast of the continent of Garund. Within days, the Eye of Abendego had completely destroyed the coastline of the neighboring nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. From there, the pulsing flood waters pressed further and deeper inland, forcing a massive and unprecedented evacuation. Today, a century later, the Eye continues to howl, and the remains of the nations it destroyed are known as the Sodden Lands, a perpetually storm-battered region, largely uninhabitable by the likes of humanity.

The Sodden Lands no longer possess large-scale, unifying leadership. Instead, the tiny pockets of civilization that remain bow to their own rulers, typically chieftains or small, despotic juntas. The fallen cities act as brief shelters for nomadic tribes or as lairs for monsters. The sky-reaching towers of the observatories of Hyrantam, for instance, are now interconnected by crude networks of rope bridges and pulleys built by the last of the Lirgeni who still remain behind, determined to survive. Unfortunately, the same ancient observatories now act as a draw for forgotten aberrations from the depths of the Arcadian Ocean.

Divers and undersea explorers spend massive amounts of money launching expeditions to retrieve the lost treasures of these kingdoms. Those who return with their sanity intact enrich themselves and their investors immensely, yet any who return alive are considered lucky.

Sodden Lands

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