Red Mantis

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Some say the Red Mantis are death cultists, others believe they are members of an ancient
and incredibly secretive thieves’ guild, and still others think they are fiends from some dark plane beyond our ken. Regardless, the Red Mantis are the most tenacious and efficient assassins the world has ever known. The timeline of recorded history is stained with the blood of their victims.

One rarely has to wonder if an assassination is the work of the Red Mantis; they usually kill with a sacred sawtoothed sabre, so victims often drown in their own blood before their hearts cease beating. No palace, fortress, hidden safe house, or underground cavern is secure enough to keep out the Red Mantis. A hundred years ago, they killed Duke Kotaros of Cheliax, and history is replete with tales of generals and heroes slain in their own tents by the Red Mantis the night before a key battle. Victims of the Red Mantis stay dead — no matter what.

Their home base is believed to be on Mediogalti Island. Very little else is known about them.

Red Mantis

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