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Sarenith 24, 4712

The Man’s Promise, At Sea, The Shackles

          I was thankful for Mr. Hand’s help this morning. The price he paid for giving that helping hand was severe though, and rather uncalled for, even in my book. I’ve known, of course, that Mr. Plugg was a cruel man. Today was merely just confirmation that his goal, before he dumps or kills us, is to thoroughly degrade us, starting with Mr. Hands, Mr. Chopper, and Ms. Quinn. But embarrassment is something I can cope with. Using others, as he did with Mr. Hands, though, is something I would not put up with, and I can not blame Mr. Hands for he way he reacted to Mr. Plugg’s attempt at degradation. After all was said and done this morning, Mr. Chopper was promoted to ship’s surgeon and carpenter, only to build a sweat box.

          I noticed it while we were on deck during Mr. Plugg’s episode, but we’ve definitely changed course. We are most definitely not headed Port Peril. I can’t say that I surprised. Mr. Plugg is an opportunist of the worst kind. He would most definitely cheat, lie, steal, and kill to get what he wants. I have no doubts that is how he got to become the First Mate aboard the Wormwood. I only assume that because he clearly did not fit in with any of the Wormwood’s other officers… with the exception of Mr. Scourge. Though I’m quite sure that Mr. Plugg’s tolerance of Mr. Scourge is only that of a dog’s owner.

          Leila was able to confirm my suspicion of our changed course. It looks like we’re heading towards the Slithering Coast. Based on a set of knowns and assumptions, I’d say we’re headed to Rickity’s Squibs. During the impromptu meeting we held in the crew’s quarters after dusk, the topic and possibility of mutiny was raised again as it once was aboard the Wormwood. I’d say now that it is more of a feasible possibility than before… especially with this skeleton crew that Mr. Plugg assembled, half loyal to him based on fear of his retribution, the other half only barely tolerant of his antics and borderline asinine decisions.

          She came to see me again tonight, at my behest. I’d originally wanted to confirm with her our change in direction, but she did that during the crew’s meeting. I feel awful for keeping her up so late two nights in a row now. I had wanted to tell her to not bother coming to see me that night since she’d already answered my question earlier, but she was acting distant after the Mr. Hand’s and Mr. Chopper’s rather loud conversation in the galley. But I’m glad she came.

          And I am truly thankful for her. Were it not for her, I would still, after three years on these seas, be alone. It started with her sincere interest in my history and goals, but tonight, she made my hardships and solitude all that more worth it. She offered the one thing that, deep down in my heart and soul, I’d been been yearning for. Not a money-made partnership, but true unadulterated friendship. She’s the first person that has seen me cry since I was just a child. A Samurai does not show weakness of any kind. But she makes me feel… comfortable… at peace. She may very well be the calm in my storm.

Sarenith 26, 4712

The Man’s Promise, At Sea, The Shackles

          It’s morning. The unexpected storm yesterday has me tightly wound… too tight. I’m not the only one that has not had sleep, but I am on edge. I am far too close to the edge. I even blew up at Mr. Plugg. I’m not saying that he didn’t deserve it, but losing my head like that was very uncharacteristic of me. And he called me out for it and then brushed me off. That torqued me, but I kept my mouth shut after that. I feel a little like I’m losing my grip.

          That’s it for now. We ran aground during the storm and my closest allies and I are being shipped off to this island in order to secure a replacement of the freshwater we lost from the ship being damaged. It’ll be a good chance to get myself grounded again, to feel the solid earth beneath my feet. Until then though, there will be no rest for the weary.

Sarenith 27, 4712

Bonewrack Island, The Shackles

          It is just the wee-est hours of the morning as I’m writing this by what’s left of our campfire. I find that I’ve not had many chances to update my journal, though I suppose that’s because I’ve not found much information on my brother either. Tonight though, it feels like a good opportunity to get some of my thoughts out. The last two days have me worn thin like over-washed rice. I haven’t really had any sleep, but the health of my shipmates worries me more than my own. It’s strange, this feeling of concern for people other than my family or myself. I suppose though, after this past month, we are a bit like family. Though it will not be any time soon that I admit it to any of them, with the exception of Leila, perhaps.

          Speaking of Leila, she told me that she would help me in my search for Tatsumi. I’m astounded that anyone would offer herself for this sort of quest. I’ve already been searching for three long years. Who is to say that it won’t take another three, or even more than that? I, of course, will not turn down her help. More than anything, to be able to have company on this journey that knows what I’m going through, what I have gone through, the value on that is beyond measure. I know I didn’t make it clear to her, but I hope she understands that she may leave whenever she so desires. Her bond to me is that of sincere friendship, and it’s one that I am dearly thankful for.

          She also got me to thinking about what I will do with myself after I have found my brother. Of course I’ll want to find and meet our birth parents if it’s possible, but that has never been a priority. But I’ve been so long as sea, I don’t think I’d want to go home for good. I’d definitely like to go home though, to make sure our parents are still well and in good health, but I don’t think I could stay for long. I’ve felt more at home aboard a ship floating on the sea than I ever really did on the isles. The bonus to living this way of life is getting to see places I would probably never see otherwise. Living aboard a ship is something I can see myself doing for long into the future. I don’t really approve of the way most pirates do things, but I think if I found the right crew, or maybe even a crew of my own, I could do this… I guess I’ll have to see where the turning tides take us.

Sarenith 28, 4712

The Man’s Promise, Fever Sea, The Shackles

          It looks as though I’m going to be a pirate, after all. I can just hear my father now, ‘You’re just like your mother!’

          I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting the events of last night to arrive in some fashion. We’d talked of mutiny several times in the past month. Yesterday, after everyone had awoken, the topic came up again. I’d known, I’m sure we all had some suspicion, that Mr. Plugg was planning to rid himself of us, one way or another. For all his planning though, he failed miserably. I’d say he’d placed his faith, as it were, in the wrong people, and that cost him his ambitions and his life.

          After everything was said and done, the remaining crew wanted immediate answers. We were all worn out, but Mr. Chopper seemed especially down after his friend, Ms. Feruzi failed to follow his command to leave Mr. Plugg alive. It was clear that he was making a show and asserting his authority to see how the crew responded, and as I really have my own ambitions at this point, I decided it was best to allow for that show. Unfortunately, it did not go as he planned.

          Letting Mr. Chopper stew for a while, I took control of the situation and got the ship cleaned up with the unworthy dead tossed overboard then sent everyone to rest or celebrate as their own desires wished while I spoke to Mr. Chopper. I learned something interesting about his personal desires, and I have decided that they are worth lending my strength to.

          We are now underway to Rickety’s Squibs to make this ship well and truly our own. It will be tough sailing getting there with this skeleton crew of ours, but it will be worth it. We should hopefully be able to hire some extra hands while we’re there, which will make all our lives just a little bit easier. Of course, no job worth doing is ever easy, and this brief trial will make us stronger in the long run.

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NRJ Week of Sarenith 24, 4712

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