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Sarenith 12, 4712

The Wormwood, At Sea, The Shackles

           I finally got some information out of that Mr. Scourge! I had to corner him to do it, but I got it out of him. It make perfect sense to me now why he wouldn’t give me any relevant information while we were still on the docks in Port Peril. That being said, I have never wanted to wring someone’s neck so much as I did tonight.

           Mr. Plugg didn’t have any information about my brother, but his presence during my chat with Mr. Scourge served its purpose. He may not be the most honorable of people, but at least he responds to courtesy. That made it far easier to get Mr. Scourge talking.

           Apparently, Tatsumi was in Port Peril at the same time that I was, though I don’t know for how long he was there. Considering the size of the town, it is odd that we didn’t cross paths at all, but it leaves me with some other questions. According to Mr. Scourge, Tatsumi was at the Maid the night they took Ms. Cusswell, two days before I spoke to Mr. Scourge on the docks. That explains why his description of Tatsumi was so remarkable… it was still fresh in his mind. He told me that Tatsumi’d caught his eye because of exotic looks, though I suppose I’m just sugar-coating his meaning. Mr. Scourge said he was with another crew already though, Mr. Pegsworthy, and that’s why he let Tatsumi go. Apparently he came to pick up twelve folks, included Tatsumi, from the bar.

           Captain Merrill Pegsworthy, far as I’ve heard, he’s a relatively decent person… for a pirate. I’ve not heard anything all that bad about him over the past three years. He’s the type to take hostages and then turn around and let ‘em go once it’s figured that they don’t have any means, all the while treating them relatively fairly. I’m not sure where he keeps port, but I do know he has a few ships under his command. He has a pegleg, I understand. I’ve never met the man, but from everything I’ve ever heard about him, he seems to be someone worth working under… in so far as any pirate wants to work under someone else. If Tatsumi is really with Captain Pegsworthy’s crew of his own accord, my worry for my brother can be somewhat eased with at thought. Knowing that he is probably safer with Captain Pegsworthy than I am here on the Wormwood comforts my thoughts of him.

           (Next part written in Tengu.) I need to speak with Ms. Cusswell, since she was pressed from the Maid the same night Tatsumi was there. Mr. Scourge surely heard Tatsumi and his crew mates talking, but he wouldn’t spill any more information. Knowing what they were talking about may give me a clue as to where they were heading when they were leaving Port Peril. As much as I’d like to go back to Port Peril and have a chat with Mr. Kreideros, its been two weeks, and the chances of Tatsumi and the rest of Captain Pegsworthy’s crew still being there are extremely slim. At this point, they could be almost anywhere in the Shackles. I hope, for Mr. Scourge’s sake, that he sleeps with one eye open.

Sarenith 14, 4712

The Wormwood, At Sea, The Shackles

          I spoke with Ms. Cusswell today. She doesn’t remember anything from the night she was pressed into service aboard the Wormwood. I can’t say that I’m all too surprised, as it’s been more than two weeks since then. It’s a bit disappointing though. I heard any interesting story from Mr. Kroop though, about Captain Merrill Pegsworthy and how he got.

          In an engagement with Katapeshi slave galleys off the Scorpion Coast, his right leg became fouled in fallen rigging lines as one of the Bonaventure’s masts broke from a hurled catapult stone. As the mast fell into the sea, it carried Captain Pegsworthy with it to what would have been his watery grave, had not his first mate and best friend, Carson Drale, dived in to save him. Lieutenant Drale swam down but was unable to free the trapped leg from the tangled lines. Quickly using his famous blade Steeltooth, Drale severed the captain’s leg and pushed the feebly struggling Eagle Knight back toward the surface, where a ship’s boat was waiting. The lieutenant’s own metal cuirass weighed him down too much, however, and he never made it back to the surface. Even as a naval cleric stanched the blood flowing from the bleeding stump, Captain Pegsworthy swore an oath to the memory of his first mate, who had given his life to save him, that he would not allow the injury to keep him from the sea.

          At this point, I am at an impasse. I can only move forward. I know, at the very least, that my brother was alive and, presumably, well just two weeks before. That, and the fact that he is, in all probability, with a crew that I deem worthy enough as pirates go, are comforting thoughts. Now, I suppose, I should be a little more concerned for my current position.

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NRJ Week of Sarenith 10, 4712

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