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Erastus 3, 4712

Rickety’s Squibs, Mainland, The Shackles

          It is difficult for me to explain the circumstances that transpired prior to my sole reason for this entry, but I must nonetheless. A Samurai must be able to show restraint when and where necessary. Not that this is a time of necessity, but if I can’t show restraint here, how can I hope to show restraint when it really matters? The days since we arrived here to have the Man’s Promise squibbed have been relatively uneventful.

          Yesterday was a might different, however, as we were attacked by a naga that had purportedly come from upriver, presumably due to the ongoing drought. She attacked when some of the off-duty workers had invited Mr. Chopper and I for a game of ninepins. It is lucky for Mr. Stephen (or was it Steven) that the Captain and I had agreed to join them for some river-chilled beer and games. When he went to pull the keg from the water, he was jerked in instead. Mr. Chopper, being the good person that he is, did not hesitate to jump in after him as soon as he had a weapon in hand. Truth be told, he and I were of the same mind in saving the poor man, so I quickly followed, as Mr. Chopper’s oft-tenuous show of restraint and forethought were not available at present. The long and short of this part of the matter was that the Captain and I managed to save Mr. Stephen and the keg, leaving Mr. Chopper only a little worse for the wear.

          Today did not get off to a good start either. After yesterday, Mr. Chopper decided to stay in and get some extra rest. Mr. Hands, Ms. Feruzi, and I went about doing what we had been the past few days. Before long, horse-sized wasps attacked the entire community. The three of us were running for cover, as everyone was yelling to do so, but were intercepted by several of these wasps. The only thing to do was fight them off, and they went down fairly easily. We were about to make for cover of the closest building, when we noticed that there were several residents that hadn’t made it to safety and were still being attacked. We managed to save the two while the wasps made off with several others that we could not save.

          Things had started to finally calm down as the last of the wasps were flying away with their lunch when I noticed a long boat at the dock, with several folks disembarking. That led me to the sight of the Chelaxian galleon in the harbor. It seemed strange to be sure, as my understanding from Mr. Hake was that when he already had a ship in the dry dock, they would inform new arrivals to come back at a later time. Never the less, it seemed imperative to greet these folks that did not look like Chelish soldiers, or indeed like they belonged on a Chelish ship of any sort, to wait on the dock until Mr. Hake could be found.

          Of course, as I was speaking to them, I received the biggest surprise that I had the past three years, or indeed in all my twenty years. It was Tatsumi! The one person I had been ardently searching for since I’d left home. And here he was, standing before me like he’d never left my side. He was probably more surprised than I was though, since he didn’t know I’d left home three years after him. I suppose that’s not really all that important now.

          So, Captain Pegsworthy gave Tatsumi permission to stay ashore so we could catch up, but not after we all had the opportunity to chat over a drink at the Taproom together.

          Mr. Pegsworthy seems to be an honorable man, as far as pirates go, and someone that I can be proud to see my brother serving as his master.

To Be Continued

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NRJ Week of Erastus 1, 4712

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