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Desnus 27, 4712

Port Peril, Mainland, The Shackles

          I just got word from Mr. Kreidoros! A new ship made port early this morning: The Wormwood. The old man said they seemed an unsavory lot… well more so than most at any rate. I may just be able to get some useful information out of the crew though. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of them lollygagging about the docks.

Desnus 31, 4712

Port Peril, Mainland, The Shackles

          Would you believe it! I finally got a bite. Mr. Scourge of the Wormwood knows my brother! He’s amongst the most unsavory of folk, and under normal circumstances would have very little to do with his lot. But under these circumstances… he’s a lead. He was able to describe Tatsumi perfectly, right down to that endearing little heart-shaped birthmark just behind his left earlobe. Only the most observant of people ever notice it since he’s always kept his hair long enough to cover it. But that Mr. Scourge, he’s more tight-lipped than most I’ve met. I’ll probably regret it, but I’ve made a deal him. I signed on to the crew of the Wormwood. Well, it’s not the most precarious of things that I’ve done, but it’s definitely up there on the list. I only gave two conditions before signing up. One was that I keep my weapons and armor. (He must have heard stories, ‘cause he really didn’t put up much of a fuss.) My other condition was that I could leave any time I desired, whether at port or not. Of course, I’d be a fool to leave the crew while not at a port. I don’t particularly make a habit of swimming with the fishes amongst the depths that my feet cannot reach. Mr. Scourge’s conditions were simple and few as well: don’t cause trouble and follow orders. I’m fairly certain I can handle both of those. Well, I best get my stuff together. He warned to be onboard before dusk.

Sarenith 2, 4712

The Wormwood, At Sea, The Shackles

          Ms. Grok,the quartermaster on this ship, seems more friendly than she seems to let on. I suppose its in her nature since she’s got a deal with the lot of scallywags wanting something for free. She’s probably one of the more amiable halfers I’ve met in my time. Most of them seem to carry a chip on their shoulders that they just can’t let go no matter how nice someone is to them. I suppose that’s neither here nor there really, but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Ah. Here I am getting carried away.

          That Mr. Plugg though, he’s a curious fellow. He’s clearly not from the Shackles. You just don’t meet all that many folks on these seas that don’t have the accent. I wonder what his story is… Maybe his clothes are too tight, considering the look of discomfort he always has on his face. And he’s definitely a stickler for discipline, though I’m sure anyone on this ship could tell you that after that show he gave us yesterday. I would feel bad for the poor sap, but well, you shouldn’t go stealin’ what doesn’t belong to you, and well, better him than me. You get what you deserve, I say. Of course the show made of his “disciplining” was obviously meant for us new folks aboard the ship. Otherwise you’d have a bunch of the poor saps thinking they could have the run of the place. It would be down-right mutinous ((the previous sentence is written in Tengu)).

          I’ll have to ask Ms. Grok if she knows anything about the Dragon’s Dishonor or its Captain, Soshimura. It’s probably not important, but better safe then sorry. From Mr. Plugg’s description, it doesn’t sound like a ship Tatsumi would have been on anyway, at least not willingly. But there’s a chance he could have been, slim as it may be. Especially if the Captain was from the Isles. It could have been a lead to our parents that Tatsumi may have followed… but my intuition is telling me that it just isn’t all that important in and of itself.

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NRJ Week of Desnus 27, 4712

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