NRJ Week of Desnus 20, 4712

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Desnus 25, 4712

Port Peril, Mainland, The Shackles

          Nothing new. Not a damned thing. I followed that lead on Tatsumi here, but haven’t gained any new information. The trail stopped dead once I got here; it’s as if he really wasn’t ever here. And now I’ve been here for 3 months, just. I’m starting to run low on funds. I can find day work, but whenever I’m working, I can’t find any information that’s helpful. I’m going to need to get on a ship soon; a trail that doesn’t exist cannot be found. I’ll go check with Mr. Kreidoros today. Hopefully he has some new information for me; I am paying him a pretty copper after all, to keep his eyes open, his ears clean, and his nose to the dock. Fortunately, for me, I’ve a pretty good rapport with the old codger; he’s been more than helpful in many ways.

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NRJ Week of Desnus 20, 4712

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