NR The Wormwood - Update 2

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Thoughts on the Wormwood, its Captain and its Crew

Update 02

Mister Plugg

     Mr. Plugg is a tough one to read. Under different circumstances, I think that he and I could be more than just acquaintances. Not to be misunderstood, but Mr. Plugg and I have some similar values. Some being the operative word. I don’t agree with the way that he handles opposition, as if he’s never been opposed in some fashion and not gotten his way.

     He does however, value discipline. Though I have a more than sneaking suspicion that his idea of discipline and mine are not quite the same. As sure as the sun rises every morning, I believe in the importance of discipline to reinforce ideas and concepts onto another; Mr. Plugg believes the same. However, his level of cruelty has warped his concept of appropriate discipline; the concept, I have no doubt, warped by his years amongst others that have shown no tolerance for even the slightest infraction.


     Mr. Scourge, unlike Mr. Plugg, is a scrub. He talks big, especially when he has a few extra cards, but he doesn’t have the guts needed to do something big without acknowledgement from his betters. He does know how to use information to his benefit to a small extent, but that’s it. He’d never make it in a position of real authority, whether on sea or on land. Ultimately, he’ll bow down to his betters if he thinks it will keep him alive, leading me to believe that he is actually quite easy to manipulate.

     His cruelty matches Mr. Plugg’s quite well, though he actually has very little backbone of his own. He does have a little bit of danger sense, though I suspect that danger has to practically slap him in the face for him to notice. If Mr. Plugg weren’t there to keep him from doing anything too stupid, he’s probably be dead. He’s a good match for Mr. Plugg though. He’ll do Mr. Plugg’s bidding, and maybe not screw it up too much.

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NR The Wormwood - Update 2

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