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Thoughts on the Wormwood, its Captain and its Crew

Update 01

The Wormwood

     The Wormwood: a ship. By its own rights, and fine sailing vessel; under different circumstances, this would be a ship I’d be proud to be on. It could definitely use some cleaning and organizing in some areas, but naturally that’s not something one can blame the ship for. It is a fine ship after all.

Captain Harrigan

     The Captain though, I wonder how it is he came to have such a fine ship. He doesn’t really seem to care about the ship, much less the crew. His key officers handle everything else. As a matter of fact, in the past week I’ve been with this lot, I’ve seen the Captain twice perhaps. Once the morning after our arrival, and once that same night during punishments. If I wagered a guess, I’d say that he probably inherited this ship from his previous Captain… by the tip of his sword. I could be wrong; it wouldn’t be the first time. Something tells me though, that he did not become the captain by any honest means. Though I suppose most Captains of pirates rarely do. Honest pirates are few and far between.

     Naturally, that goes for my birth parents as well. If they were pirates like my parents told me, then they may not have been the most honest of people either. Though my parents never said they were bad people, they never said they were good people either. Not that I’m the nicest or most honest of people either, but I’m not a bad person either. My father once said to me, “You are your mother’s daughter.” Of course, now, ten years later, that makes more sense to me than it ever did.

     But the Captain of this ship, he feels more like a bad person than anything. He is clearly willing to use everyone aboard this ship as pawns, I dare say, even his own officers, as chaff being led to the slaughter. That was made clear from day one. But really, that’s all I can speak of him from personal experience.

Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop

     Despite his alcohol coated words, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Kroop’s opinion of Captain Harrigan and his main crew, particularly considering how long his stay on the Wormwood has lasted under Captain Harrigan. Maybe not so much his opinion of the ship itself. A ship is only as good (or bad) as its Captain and crew. So I must of course take Mr. Kroop’s drunken words with a grain of salt: half-truths and half-nonsense.

     Speaking of Mr. Ambrose Kroop, he’s a good man in a bad situation. Being a pirate is a life choice, make no mistake. Mr. Kroop, I can’t say that he wanted to be on the sea when he started out, but most who end up on pirate ships do. The sea can grow on a person if it’s not already in his blood. I’d wager that many of the newer recruits on this ship are here against their will; practically slaves. Unlike most of my people, I don’t have a particular dislike for slaves, but everyone on this ship has a choice: They can continue on as they have been on this ship, slaves to Harrigan, or they can liberate themselves from his grasp, by sea or by sword. I won’t do it for them.

     Mr. Kroop though, while he may technically be a slave, he is of his own accord, using his own life as ante in a game with the Captain. He is not loyal to the Captain though, and I’m sure the Captain is aware of this. However, as long as he has some crew that are loyal to him, he does not fear retribution from those that are not loyal.


     Many on this ship are ruled by fear of retribution as Ms. Feruzi says. She puts what would be obvious to anyone with half a brain into words for those that have less than half a brain. She is not one for subtlety in the least. That’s OK, though I worry for her safety a bit. But it’s her grave, whether it be a watery one or not. She is straight-forward and honest, and I like that about her. She is honorable and loyal probably to a fault. But she is a good person at heart, and anyone with that half of a brain would have figured that out by now. As I’m sure Harrigan knows, loyalty can be dangerous.

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NR The Wormwood - Update 1

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