NR Letter Desnus 4712

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Dear Father and Mother,

          I hope this letter finds you in good health. The weather here in Port Peril has been hot and muggy, though I suppose that’s pretty much the same all over the Shackles and not just here.

          I apologize for not writing sooner. I know I’ve been in the habit of writing to you both monthly when I’m not at sea, but my time in Port Peril has been uneventful and fruitless. Chakchai’s friend in Drenchport, Tawndrede, was a bit off, but she didn’t come across as delusional. I wonder if something happened to Tatsumi between Drenchport and Port Peril? I really should have made plans to leave here much sooner when my lead on Brother ended. But I kept searching for something, anything, pointing to him.

          Maybe I was just taking a short break from the sea, but it’s not as though I’ve been sitting idle during my months here. I feel as though I’ve questioned every single person in this port city. I’m sure that’s not really the case, but I have made several acquaintances that could be beneficial to me in the future.

          I know I’ve said this before, but sometimes I feel like I’m chasing a ghost. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m just tired of searching. Maybe it’s just the sea’s call to me that keeps me out here and I’m just using Tatsumi as an excuse to stay on the sea. Of course, I dearly want to find Tatsumi, but I suspect that he is no longer my sole reason for staying out here.

          I know that I can give up the search and just come home, but what kind of person would that make me? Would either one of you really be proud of a daughter that gave up so easily? Would the Shogun even willingly take up someone that would run from her duties? I think not. I can’t come home until I’ve found Tatsumi, or confirmed his death.

          Aaahh. I’ve been rambling far too much. How is this years batch of sake from old Mr. Yamagata? I occasionally find some good sake abroad in the larger port towns, but it’s never the good stuff like there. I hope I can find some good stuff before Fall. Just when it starts to cool off in the Shackles, that’s the best time to drink some great sake with some good friends.

          So, on to brighter news. I’ve caught a lead on my brother dearest. I’m not sure how reliable the information I received is, but I can’t pass up this opportunity. I’ll be joining a ship called the Wormwood. I don’t know when next we’ll make port, but I’ll be sure to write again when we do.

          Just to reassure you, Father, I do keep up with practice, because I know you worry about that. What kind of warrior would I be if I let my skills decline from disuse and no practice. That certainly wouldn’t keep me alive. So, as always, I promise to continue my practice and to make you proud.

Love always,
Desnus 31, 4712

NR Letter Desnus 4712

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