Mwangi Expanse

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Unexplored Jungle Wilderness
Alignment: N
Capital: None
Settlements: Bloodcove (5,281), Senghor (26,430)
Major Races: Humans, elves, gnomes
Major Religions: Gozreh, Lamashtu, ancestor worship, demon lords, Green Faith, regional traditions
Languages: Polyglot, regional dialects

Some of the oldest human ruins in the world lie scattered throughout the interior jungles of Garund. The reclusive tribes from whom the forests and wildlands take their name trace their heritage to forgotten kingdoms of great achievements, but they have fallen far since the days of their zenith, and their glorious past remains a mystery.

No accurate maps of Garund’s interior exist, and the native tribes of the Expanse seldom declare formal borders. Several locales within the trackless wild attract potent malevolent spirits, sentient plant colonies, juju zombie cults, or similar hazards, making them shunned by natives and explorers alike. The western shores are favored by pirates and smugglers; the inner lands hold vast jungles where no law holds sway.

At the southwest edge of the jungle lies Mzali, oldest of the ruined cities of the Mwangi Expanse and the most heavily populated by far. About a century ago, the population of the great overgrown city exploded when pilgrims from all over the Expanse came to see a bizarre phenomenon for themselves. The shamans of a strange religion produced the mummified remains of Walkena, a boy prince of the near-mythical original Mwangi society. Within the last 30 years, the child mummy sprang to cruel life, issuing orders to his prosperous cult that whipped his followers into a rage against the colonists of Sargava and all outside influences in the Expanse, and open warfare has been the rule ever since.

Mwangi Expanse

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