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Core Gods

Abadar, cities, law, merchants, wealth (LN)
Asmodeus, contracts, pride, slavery, tyranny (LE)
Calistria, lust, revenge, trickery (CN)
Cayden Cailean, ale, bravery, freedom, wine (CG)
Desna, dreams, luck, stars, travelers (CG)
Erastil, family, farming, hunting, trade (LG)
Gorum, battle, strength, weapons (CN)
Gozreh, nature, the sea, weather (N)
Iomedrae, honor, justice, rulership, valor (LG)
Irori, history, knowledge, self-perfection (LN)
Lamashtu, madness, monsters, nightmares (CE)
Nethys, magic (N)
Norgorber, greed, murder, poison, secrets (NE)
Pharasma, birth, death, fate, prophecy (N)
Rovagug, destruction, disaster, wrath (CE)
Sarenrae, healing, honesty, redemption, the sun (NE)
Shelyn, art, beauty, love, music (NG)
Torag, the forge, protection, strategy (LG)
Urgathoa, disease, gluttony, undeath (NE)
Zon-Kuthon, darkness, envy, loss, pain (LE)

Other Gods

Besmara, pirates, sea monsters, strife (CN)


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