Firegrass Isle

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Last Bastion of Freedom
Notable Settlements: Goatshead (470)
Dominant Denizens: Humans
Other Denizens: Sea birds, turtles
Resources: Fresh water, safe harbor

Nearly 200 years ago, the Chelish navy managed to trap the infamous buccaneer Knotbeard in the long, narrow cove of an island far south enough to be within spitting distance of the Fever Sea. Four ships faced off against his lone, battered barkentine, the Mother o’ Seasons. Knotbeard and his crew were under no illusion that they could escape this time, so as soon as the full compliment of Chelish marines swarmed aboard, the pirate captain tossed a torch into the hold, and within seconds angry flames vomited from the portholes. The marines made a desperate attempt to extinguish the already raging fire, but as quick as they were, the flames were quicker. The rampant inferno soon reached a crate of volatile alchemical powders and the resulting explosion obliterated Knotbeard’s ship along with three Chelish warships. The fourth ran aground, and the fire spread to the dry grass that covered the rocky island, consuming every living thing upon it. Of the seventeen Chelish sailors who survived that day, only four emaciated souls managed to stay alive on the desolate isle long enough to be recovered by a passing ship a week and a half later. This fearsome battle gave the place its name: Firegrass Isle.

Only 70 years ago, a trio of pirate captains settled on the island. These buccaneers resented even the minor restrictions placed on them by the Pirate Council in Port Peril, and soon soured on keeping their strictures. The antipiracy pact with Sargava, however, chafed them most, and so with a small settlement established on Firegrass, these captains and their crews set about flouting that treaty. Soon the Council laid the blame for all and any pirate misbehavior against Sargavan targets on the Firegrass freebooters, far more than their three ships could reasonably account for. Made the scapegoats of every Sargavan complaint, these three captains made the insult their own, adopting a flag that flaunted a white goat’s head on a black field. Indeed, their little town took the name Goatshead as well.

Firegrass Isle

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