Feruzi 7 Rova

Feruzi’s Journal

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I have to say that when Merrill said River I did not in any way picture the body of water we are currently floating on. In. Something like that. It is more like an enormous swamp that has all decided to flow more or less in the same direction. Also there are crocodiles. Big, big crocodiles. Some of the crew wanted to go for a swim when we first got out of the salty water but Merrill forbid anyone from even lowering the boats without a squad of archers and gunners watching at all times. He says there are also giant turtles and hippos which are not giant but apparently big enough anyway and who knows what else in the water but it doesn’t really matter what it is once it’s bitten your leg off and most of the wildlife around here can do that without half trying or even really being awake.

It isn’t all bad, though, because I thought up a way to help the archers stay alert and get in some shooting practice at the same time. There are a few less crocodiles in the river this afternoon at least. Merrill says he’ll be able to make boots for everyone in Port Peril at this rate but I had to stop in order to make some more arrows so probably not. Pinch called Merrill a filthy name (or at least I think it was) when Merrill told him to have the crew fish out the corpses and strip off the hides but Merrill just told him to get on it or he’d make Pinch eat the crocodiles as well. I was a bit surprised because Merrill doesn’t take that kind of backtalk from anybody, not even me, but apparently Pinch has an entitlement no one else does. It makes me wonder just how Pinch wound up on this ship in the first place he is so odd. I asked him if I could call him Markuss the way Merrill does and he said it did not matter to him either way so I will from now on.

It was getting dark by the time we reached the landing which I am sad to say is absolutely lousy with slavers along with all the riverboats and a few other small merchant ships. Merrill says we have to leave them alone unless we want to get our throats cut in the night. This is when I got to find out how much of an idiot I am, because there aren’t any roads going the right direction from here and Merrill cannot hike fifty miles through trackless jungle on a peg leg. It will be rough enough going for Ukele. Merrill lost his temper a bit when I kept trying to come up with ways to overcome this obstacle and locked himself in his office but he came back out during dinner and apologized so I also apologized and he said he’d do whatever was necessary even if it was mortally undignified. Durgrin managed to cobble together some sort of charm that will at least keep Merrill from sinking thigh-deep in the mud but I know it will be an uncomfortable trip for him tomorrow regardless.

Feruzi 7 Rova

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