Feruzi 6 Rova

Feruzi’s Journal

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Today is much better than yesterday so far. The whe weather why are there two ways to spell that word I wonder anyway the weather is much worse today as we skirt the Eye making for a River that leads deep into Mwangi lands. Merrill says taking this route should cut nearly five days off the journey which apparently is a good thing because we (the Crisis people I mean) need to get that Island cleaned up as quickly as possible and from the sound of it this will not be so easy as I might have Thought. But it does mean that I will only have a few days to spend with my husband and most of them he will be Busy.

Pinch also is Busy today but he said if I want to make this Writing a regular habit he will give me a book to help me called a Dictionary. I did not know they made books that you read to tell you how to write but Pinch said yes, they are very useful. I did not know there were so many words in the Taldane language and most of them seem odd like this word swivet which means to be nervous and anxious and describes my state perfectly but how many words do you need that all mean the same thing anyway? I used it on Merrill and he got a funny look on his face and asked me what I meant so I showed him the Dictionary and he laughed and said he thought I meant something else which apparently is not very polite but he wouldn’t mind if I used that one later when we were in bed. I asked him didn’t he know all the words in the Dictionary and he said, no, not even most of them so now I am confused and I think I do not understand this Writing business as well as I thought. I do like the Dictionary anyway the words are all marvelously neat and regular and it makes me amazed that scribes have such wonderful handwriting because I could never get the letters to line up so perfectly no matter how long I practiced. Merrill says that no, the book is not written by hand it is printed which I do not know about so he told me to look it up in the Dictionary and laughed even more when I said it made no sense so I scolded him for reading over my shoulder and told him to get back to work. I think he is more comfortable with me here now if he can laugh at me and he really does have a wonderful sense of humor but if you heard him barking orders at his crew you would not know he was the same person at all he sounds so fierce. Labella says that just means he is Enjoying himself.

I was going to try and Write the things that happened today but now I have got all out of order. The first thing that happened was when Merrill woke up very early this morning before it was light and seemed confused about where he was for a few minutes. I could tell he was dreaming something awful but he wouldn’t tell me about it so I took off my clothes and climbed in bed with him which made him forget about whatever it was pretty quickly. I probably shouldn’t write any more about that I don’t want to embarrass him but it was very nice. He has a lot of scars all over his body though and I think it did embarrass him a little when I lit the lamp so I could have a look at them but I told him to stop being silly and he got over it eventually. He was in a very good mood when we did finally get out of bed and he keeps coming in here every five minutes or so to make sure I haven’t disappeared (he says) and dripping water all over me because it is pouring but he doesn’t seem to care so I don’t either. He still looks good with wet hair plastered all down his neck and his cold nose just makes me laugh so I suppose I must be in a good mood too.

I was going to go out and help him but he told me to stay in and read the books if I got bored. I wouldn’t have expected Merrill to have so many books they are mostly histories and terribly dull but they are not dusty or moldy at all so he must spend a lot of time reading them. Labella says yes, that is mostly what he does when he is not otherwise needed usually on some sunny patch of deck getting in everyone’s way just like a big housecat. There are eight cats on this ship right now and they seem to regard Merrill as their property apparently he is very fond of cats and the crew spends a lot of time trying to get rid of the kittens while Merrill keeps finding more of them to adopt. Renvel (that is the Master at Arms, he is very quiet but I got him to talk to me finally) says that it’s a good thing that animals all hate Pinch or they would be overrun with cats by now, but they don’t ever have a rat problem on the Bonaventure so it is not entirely bad. Ukele has got a kitten keeping her company and I took her some books so she will not get too bored.

Feruzi 6 Rova

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