Feruzi 5 Rova

Feruzi’s Journal

Crew Manifest >> 6 Rova 4712

Ai must be the most Incompitint Wife in thee History of thee Wurld (scribbling)

Dammit. Let me str start over. Merrill came Inn in and kaw caught me Writing, so of course he has to take the book awae away and read it drat the man. He says my Writing is Ato attr ATROCIOUS and no wife of his is going to comi COMMIT words to page until she learns how to Spell. He, Merrill I mean, assin ASSIGNED that odd cretur CREATURE Pinch to Crack the Whip over me. At first I thought he (Merrill) meant litar LITERALLY GODSDAMMIT (and he has a Most Fearsome bullwhip hanging on the wall in his cabin) but it seems no, this is just a Figure of Speech. Merrill caught me looking at it and I think I hurt his feelings, but he says no, it is All Right, as if I beliv believe that. He (Merrill) said it is a soo seaux ceu DAMMIT souvenir (Pinch wrote that for me) from three days he (Merrill) spent Captive in a Chelish gaol when he was sixteen. It is Strange to think of Merrill being Sixteen. I asked him was he frightened and he said Yes, Very Much So and that’s where the old Stripes on his back came from along with some Burns that aren’t really Visible any more. It makes me Unhappy to know how much people have hurt him (Merrill) even before I ever met him. Merrill says he did not tell me in order to make me upset but I think I am not upset I just want to make him happy but I am not doing a very good job.

Now I am forgetting why I wanted to Write this in the First Place, it is taking so Long, but it is getting Easier so I will keep going anyway until I am Tired. Also Pinch is very Nice about helping me and says he does not Mind At All.

Now I remember, I was having trouble getting the Hang of this Married Life and I wanted to Write it to help me Organize my thoughts. Merrill is very Sweet but when he sees I am Worried it makes him upset and the disk discussion goes nowhere. I think we will have to get over this fussing over each other before we drive ourselves Insane. It would be nice to just talk but Merrill is so Tired that every time he sits down for two minutes he Falls Asleep so conversation is Impossible. He spent most of yesterday afternoon alternating between Falling Asleep and Apologizing For It. I want to take him to bed properly but it will probably have to wait until Tomorrow so I make do for now holding him when he sits still and naps, which is not as often as it should be in My Opinion. If he does not quit working soon I will tie him up and force him to Rest whether he Likes it or Not.

Labella wanted to put Ukele in the Brig but Merrill said no, despite everything she is his Guest and will be Treated As Such so they found her a corner next to the Galley so she can have some Privacy. Probably I should try Talking to her some more but that is even worse than trying to talk to Merrill right now.

I suppose I could learn more of how to go on from talking to the crew but they are not like the crew on Crisis so I am not sure how to start. Most of them are Older than I am by about Ten Years if not More and besides Labella almost all Men and stricter about Discipline than Chopper ever could be and I am not Naturally friendly like Chopper is so it is awkward.

Merrill brought me some lunch and took his coat off and promptly fell asleep at his desk so Pinch showed himself off. I have now got Merrill into bed and he seems inclined to Stay There so far. I will write more tomorrow I want to sit with my husband for now.

Feruzi 5 Rova

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