Crown's End

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This small Sargavan town turns a blind eye to pirates, as long as no piracy takes place in their waters. Crown’s End does not tolerate slavers, though.

After the original landing at the harbor in what is now Eleder, a group of Chelish colonials split off and settled on a high bluff overlooking the northern part of Desperation Bay. Although they established friendly relations with the nearby Ijo, they suffered regular attacks from jungle predators and the less amiable natives from the Kaava Lands. In time, Crown’s End became the port of choice for smugglers, slavers, and pirate ships, and more respectable merchant ships simply stopped visiting — or professed as much to the customs officials in Eleder.

Today, Crown’s End is a rough-and-tumble town of just over 800 inhabitants, most of whom are criminals or retired pirates. The town is ruled by former slaver Ilina Ysande, known as “Icehand,” who maintains some semblance of order and pays Crown’s End’s taxes to Eleder on time and without complaint. Icehand’s policy toward the rest of Sargava is for Crown’s End citizens to take advantage of any opportunity that arises, but to otherwise appear to be contributing members of colonial society — and she deals harshly with citizens who draw too much attention to the port’s robust smuggling trade.

Crown's End

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